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September, 2003
New owners propose changes for 530 West Oregon

According to county records, a published real estate sales listing, and the Historic Preservation office, the recent purchasers of the 1251 square foot home at 530 West Oregon have placed the home on the market for $315,000 while simultaneously applying for clearance to "construct [an] addition between [the] house and garage, construct [a] freestanding carport and reconstruct [a] rear addition."

As indicated on the home's
real estate listing, the changes to the structure include increasing the floor space of the 1950s home to 2252 square feet.

On Tuesday, August 19th the Historic Preservation office held a public hearing regarding the construction application. Plans were submitted by the owner's representative for the renovation effort (see below; item #1).

September 2nd, a public hearing was held where Medlock Place residents and Preservation Office staff reviewed the developer's revised plans. Additional recommendations were made (see below; item #4) and a final approval hearing was granted (for September 15, 2003). An formal appeal of objection was made by the Medlock Place Historic Distric Chair disputing the Preservation Office's decision of construction clearance.

On September 10th, an ad hoc meeting was held at the Oregon property to review both neighborhood resident concerns and a third revision to the developers plans (see below; item #5).

See the following pop ups for details:

Phoenix Historic Preservation Office Staff Report (8.19.2003)
Photographic Addendum, Phoenix Historic Preservation Office (8.19.2003)
Proposed Elevation (architectural rendering, 8.19.2003)
Phoenix Historic Preservation Office Public Hearing Report (9.2.2003)
Revised Elevation (architectural rendering, 9.10.2003)
Review Process: Section 812 (City of Phoenix Historic Preservation Ordinance)

In the draft assessment of the Medlock Place Historic Overlay, 530 West Oregon was not listed as a contributing home (of 219 homes involved with the Medlock Place Historic District overlay, 61 were labeled 'non-contributors,' 158 were). However, the Phoenix Historic Preservation Office has indicated that "it is likely the final National Register eligibility classification [of this home] will be changed."

The home has been neglected and needs repair, but even so, its quaint early 50's charm could easily be a visual welcome when entering our neighborhood on Oregon from 7th Avenue. It is the first north side residence on the street.