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  By-Laws of the MPNA  

CCNA Board Meeting Minutes
January 4, 2005  
The meeting was called to order.
Jon Douglas
JB Runyon
Marilynne Ransom
Kerry Moss
Dian Bentinck
3 neighbors also attended.

Meeting minutes for November & December were approved.

Treasurer's report
The Treasurer was not available for a report.

Traffic Mitigation
Not discussed.

Block Watch Grant Money Projects
Fencing completed, need to get City permission for reallocation of funds.
Half of the motion sensing lights have been installed. The remaining require poles to affix the lights to and will be installed in the next week.
Pillars still in progress; design has been nearly finalized. We are in the process of gaining approval from the owners of adjacent property. The cost of each pillar is estimated at about $2,000.

Other business
The deal for Jack-In-the-Box to be a tenant at the south/west corner of Missouri and 7th Av is now off the table. However, Starbuck’s is still planned.
Historic Home Tour: Medlock Place will combine with Windsor Square to minimize costs and leverage efforts. It is planned for April 2006.
Newsletter ideas: articles about some of the homeowners who have made big improvements, dues, historic tree, Church Expansion, BlockWatch grant status and application, solicit condo folks to get involved.
Various ideas were discussed to increase neighbor interest in patrolling the streets.

The meeting was adjourned.