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CCNA Board Meeting Minutes
January 6, 2004  
The meeting was called to order and role was called. Those present were Jon Douglas, Kerry Moss, Holly Lorka and Greg Bonderud.

Block Watch: We have acquired and distributed Block Watch signs for individual houses. Lyn Bucho has the grant applications. The grant process has been changed. Lyn will attend the training class on the 10th and report back to the board. Lyn's understanding of the process at this point is that we may receive grant money for any project that impacts crime prevention, neighborhood pride, facilitation of neighborhood meetings, etc. Lyn believes that with this in mind, we may qualify for three items: (1) Reimbursement for the cost of the twelve large Block Watch signs; (2) Reimbursement for sign installation; (3) Reimbursement for the cost of printing the newsletter. The grant application deadline is February 6th. There is a maximum of $10,000 available per application, and we may only apply once per year. We must now decide what to apply for. The board discussed the installation of the Block Watch signs. We will need to have some new poles installed to house the signs, but we can also use some existing sign poles (some will need to be outfitted with extensions). Dian Betnick volunteered to call for bids on sign installation so we may include that in the grant application. Kerry Moss suggested applying for motion detector lights for each household. Lyn said she would attend the meeting on the 6th and report back on whether or not this is appropriate.

Nancy Bennet spoke of forming an informal neighborhood patrol. This group will consist of a group of neighbors to just walk the streets and document unusual activities to determine if any patterns are showing up. She had sign-up sheets for any interested residents. She also suggested forming a phone tree. The board decided that the street reps should coordinate the sign-up sheets and phone tree.

Treasurer's report: The balance in our account is $4702.31. Jon Douglas wanted it documented that the inserts in last month's newsletter reminding people to pay their neighborhood dues were successful in garnering funds.

Traffic: Greg Bonderud has had discussions with the city and with neighborhood residents. Apparently, there is no traffic mitigation device available for 3rd Ave. and Colter because of the opposition of the residents on that corner. Greg is now looking at other options in the neighborhood. He stated that with Light Rail construction ensuing soon, the city may place a moratorium on any adjacent construction in the neighborhood. Therefore, he stated, we should move quickly. Any streets other than 3rd Ave. or Colter will require private funding, as the traffic studies only qualified those streets for funding. Greg is currently looking at speed humps on 3rd Ave. (one north of Colter, and two south of Colter). We would need the approval of the 3rd Avenue residents. Greg has petitions for that - we would need 70% approval from the residents to proceed. Lyn Bucho volunteered to approach the residents between Oregon and Medlock with the petition. Dian Betnick volunteered to approach those north of Oregon. Marilyn Ransom volunteered to approach those south of Medlock. They will attempt this and bring the signatures to the next meeting. Other mitigation ideas to be considered are making Colter a one way exit to Central Avenue, narrowing Colter between 3rd Ave. and Central, making 3rd Avenue a one way exit to Missouri, placing a 4-way stop at Colter and 3rd Avenue. The city has declined previous attempts to place a 4-way stop at this intersection, but the resident at the NW corner said he would gather signatures for it and present it to the city again. Some residents voiced their concern that if a mitigation device is placed in the neighborhood, traffic will become heavier on other streets. These residents want a comprehensive plan for our neighborhood, instead of doing it one device at a time. Greg Bonderud stated that Michael Senich (sp.?) from the city has assured him in writing that we can approach traffic mitigation as a comprehensive plan versus a street-by-street approval, and can expect the city to pay. Greg's opinion was that as long as we show continuing activity in an attempt to come up with a traffic mitigation plan, the city will maintain its funding plans. He went on to state that Windsor Square went through thirty options before settling on a plan, and we should continue to work at it. The city has verbally committed to help neighborhoods deal with increased traffic during the construction phase of the Light Rail project. No specifics have been offered.

Tax Status: Kerry Moss spoke with Kevin Weight regarding our historic neighborhood tax reduction. We need to wait at least one year from when our designation was changed (April). Each household will then be able to apply for the reduction. Kerry will publish more information related to this topic in the next newsletter.

The meeting was adjourned.