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  By-Laws of the MPNA  

MPNA Board Meeting Minutes
October 19, 2005  
Attendees: D Bentinck, A Grass, S Algar, M Ransom, K Moss, S Bailey, BJ Dines

Notice of approval of Sept 21 Minutes (Dian)

Protocol for communicating among board members
Limit broadcast of emails as possible. Conduct individual conversations as possible to resolve issues.

RR (roof rat) bait stations - consensus on the motion agreed upon (i.e. the intended use of the stations purchased with treasury funds).

No consensus decided on what the exact motion was. However, it was decided to present the bait stations as being available for neighbors, with an optional donation.

RR defense/offenses measures and how to apply to the hood

Anne presented info from the October Arcadia Rat Rally sponsored by Councilman Stanton, et al. Anne also provided some samples of suggested info for a neighborhood mailing. Dian to get mailing done so it is delivered prior to November meeting. Anne will purchase bait stations and bait to have for the next meeting.

Agenda Submissions (Anne)

Any association member may request that an item be added to an agenda, and be acknowledged accordingly. Board members cannot veto agenda item submissions.

Block Sale (Dian)
Dian will pick up signs for the block sale. Ad has been placed.

Bylaw Status (Dian)

The committee has had difficulty scheduling a meeting to discuss changes. Meeting scheduled for October 18 had to be cancelled and will be rescheduled.

Planning Agenda for November Meeting (all)
Roof Rats
Chuck Jones Agenda Request (parking patrol)
Solicitation for newsletter articles

Date for next Board only meeting
Not decided.