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MPNA Board Meeting Minutes
October 3, 2006  
I. Call to Order & Introduction — Sheridan Bailey
The meeting was called to order at 6:35

Board Attendance:
Sheridan Bailey
Kerry Moss
Anu LoVecchio
Terri Schouten
JB Runyon
Tony Baptista
Doug Harter

II. Reading of the Minutes — Sheridan Bailey
Draft minutes from the previous meeting on September 12, 2006, were read and amendments were made as reflected on the final minutes.

III. Treasurer’s Report
Not available

IV. Light Rail Update — Terry Schouten
Terri Schouten provided an update on the Light Rail construction and traffic restrictions in Line Section 1, affecting Medlock Place.

V. Condominium Concerns — Tony Baptista
Tony Baptista raised concerns regarding dust pollution caused by construction in his location. Tony was advised to contact Maricopa County Air Quality Control to address the issue, and advised that they were very responsive to such concerns.

VI. Community Bulletin Boards — Ellen Bilbrey
Ellen Bilbrey advised that the two bulletin boards were ready for display, and provided a picture of the boards. It was discussed that one of the board would be located in front of Ellen’s house on Georgia Avenue, so that it could be closely watched, on the North side of the street. The second sign will be situated on the corner of Third Avenue and Colter.

VII. Annual Block Sale — Kerry Moss
Kerry Moss solicited volunteers for the annual block sale scheduled for October 28, 2006. Ellen Bilbrey and Margarie McMaken volunteered to chair the committee. Anu LoVecchio volunteered to assist the committee members.

VIII. Topics of Interest to the Board and Neighbors - Sheridan Bailey

Lou Delicato advised his displeasure with the no entry signs on 7th Avenue, restricting entry from 7th Avenue into the neighborhood, and requested that they be removed or that neighbors be given some type of provision to enter at those locations, i.e. stickers.

Ellen Bilbrey volunteered to be the Police Liaison with the Squaw Peak Precinct to discuss crime prevention and grants associated with crime prevention. Some suggestions for crime prevention are block watch structures, hiring private security and a neighborhood walking patrol.

Ellen Bilbrey Ellen noted that the Medlock Place Neighborhood’s website is one of the best in the city and suggested that we consider providing Lynn Morrow a monthly stipend for maintaining the site.

Doug Harter stated that he would like long term planning items to be included on meeting agendas, such as replacement trees before palms die and other issues affecting the neighborhood in the distant (5-10-15 year) future.

A suggestion was made by Alan Davidan to form a North Camelback Development Committee, in order to make known the neighborhoods view on the development of business on the Northwest corner of Camelback and Central Avenue. JB Runyon volunteered his services and Terry Schouten nominated her spouse.

VII. Adjournment
Meeting adjourned at 7:35.