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  By-Laws of the MPNA  

CCNA Board Meeting Minutes
October 5, 2004  
The meeting was called to order.
10 or more neighbors attended, along with a visitor from Windsor Square. Board attendance:

Jon Douglas
Doug Harter
Kerry Moss
Greg Bonderud
Trini Jackson
Dian Bentinck

Meeting minutes for September were approved.

Presentation from Rosie McCaffrey's Restaurant, Owner, Seamus McCaffrey
Mr. McCaffrey explained his predicament with his current #12 license which requires him to maintain 40% revenue in food sales. He has a #6 license which will allow him to operate legally. His #6 license has been inactive and must be activated before it expires. He says that he would agree not to transfer the establishment, with the #6 license to another party. The City has already denied the zoning variance request to allow the license change. On October 21, the AZ Department of Liquor is hearing the matter and can either agree with the City’s decision or allow the license to be changed.

Treasurer’s report
No additional dues were collected, with no expenditures, current balance $5,479.76.

Block Watch grant projects
The major projects and their related discussion:
• Block Watch signs- Kerry and Jon determined locations for block watch signs and Jon coordinated with the installation vendor. 12 signs installed as of 10/4/04- go Jon!
• Solar/Motion sensing lights – Lights have been delivered. The Bilbrey’s have volunteered to install them.
• Utility Easement Fencing/Gates – The previously identified vendor has apparently lost interest and cites escalating steel prices as an issue. Jon is soliciting bids from another vendor.
• Entry Pillars/signage – Greg Shouten, a neighborhood architect, has assumed responsibility for the design of the pillars & signage.

Neighborhood newsletter, Kerry
The newsletter debuted to over 500 neighborhood residences and business owners. Previous circulation only included homeowners. Thanks to the Block Watch Grant Program, the printing and postage for the newsletter was completely paid for thru those funds. Next newsletter is targeted for distribution in December/early January.

Traffic mitigation, Greg
The apparent consensus of the committee is to place Do Not Enter signs at 7th Avenue & Colter, Oregon, Vermont and Georgia. The Do Not Enter will be in effect at all hours. Before the final plans can be made, further research needs to be done to assess the effect to the 7th Avenue businesses and what kind of exceptions could be made to reduce impact to them. Once that is resolved, 70% of the residents will need to support via petition.

Hector Salvatierra would like to plan to present some information about neighborhood traffic mitigation, along with information from the City regarding their processes and plans in an upcoming meeting.

Attendees were polled to determine their position on adding more speed humps. The majority of the board and neighbor attendees favored the addition of more speed humps.

Historic Home Tour Fall 2005
Kerry Moss is the Committee Chair and is in search of neighbors willing to include their homes and gardens for the tour.

The meeting was adjourned.