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CCNA Board Meeting Minutes
November 4, 2003  
The meeting was called to order and role was called. Those present were Kerry Moss, Doug Harter, Holly Lorka, Lynn Morrow, JB Runyon, and Greg Bonderud.

The treasurer's report included a bank balance of 4,661.92 (as of 10-31-03).

Entry Columns: The Georgia Homeowner's Association wants to donate the land for one of our columns if we will also incorporate their name into the design. However, with traffic mitigation issues at the forefront of our goals for this neighborhood right now, a motion was passed to table the entry column issue indefinitely. This issue will again be raised when the traffic issues are solved and our financial situation is more clear.

Diverter: The resident at the northwest corner of 3rd Ave. and Colter will not give her approval for the construction of the diverter. She is apparently concerned about the drainage situation, and also access to her alley. Greg Bonderud has had several meetings with the resident, and will meet with Tom Simplot and Phil Gordon to discuss drainage issues, and then meet again with this resident. Greg has come up with other designs for traffic mitigation at this corner (an island, a star, a one-way partial directional diverter), and is prepared to either change the design or the location to get approval. If the design or the location is changed, another temporary construction and traffic test may be needed. Greg will notify the board of the results of his meetings.

Block Sale: The yard sale was a success, with over twenty residences participating. Hundreds of customers poured into our neighborhood to buy our cast-offs. Next year, we'll get a donation truck to round after the sale is over and pick up things that did not sell.

Carneceria Hermosilla: The butcher shop had beautiful mural painted on its front windows. There is an article on the neighborhood web site that gives information about the history of the shop.

Panino Patio: The outdoor patio has been approved for construction.

Neighborhood Patrol: The last training meeting of the year is scheduled for Saturday from 8am-5pm. The neighborhood watch signs have been approved by the city. They will be ready 10 days after the funds are received. Doug Harter will forward a check to Lyn Bucho for this purpose. The street Reps will be responsible for the placement of the signs.

Kerry Moss spoke briefly about the crime in the neighborhood, and asked that each board member bring to the next meeting one idea to decrease the amount of crime in the neighborhood. The meeting was adjourned.