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  By-Laws of the MPNA  

MPNA Board Meeting Minutes
November 1, 2005  
I. Call to Order & Introduction (Jon)

Board Attendance:
Jon Douglas
Anne Grass
Kerry Moss
Dian Bentinck
Sheridan Bailey
Marilynne Ransom

II. Reading of the Minutes (Dian/Secretary)
Minutes were not available

III. Treasurer’s Report (Anne)
Income: $30.00
$25.00 (dues)
$5.00 (bait station donation)

Expenses: $574.29
Block Sale Ad $28.26
Block Sale Signs $209.71
Roof Rat Bait Stations ($50) $250.00
Roof Rat Bait $35.61
Bait Station Attachment Supplies $14.28
Copies $36.43

Ending Balance (11-1-05) $4,293.19

IV. Committee Reports

Traffic – Jon/Greg
Jon reported in Greg Bonderud’s absence that the traffic petitions were submitted to the City of Phoenix the last week of October. According to Anne Grass and Chuck Jones, the petitions were 43% in approval of the traffic mitigation committee recommendations of No Entrance signage at all East/West streets off of 7th Ave. The city has given MPNA a one month extension to get input from condo and apartment dwellers who may have not been contacted.

Roof Rat Committee Report
Anne Grass reported that there are 50 PUBs (poison bait stations) pre-baited by herself and available to the neighborhood. They were purchased with MPNA Association funds and are available 2 per property. Donations will be accepted. Kerry added that Bruce Bilbrey, Chair of the Roof Rat committee, would like volunteers to help. Anne suggested that Mr. Bilbrey’s phone number be made available ASAP.

Newsletter Committee Report
Kerry submitted a 12/5/2005 deadline for newsletter articles and asked for contributions.

Block Watch Grant Report
Someone is needed to head the 2006/2007 Block Watch Grant committee. Chuck Jones agreed to become a committee member and Kerry stated that she may join committee.

V. New Business (topics not covered above- membership must submit all agenda requests in writing no later than the day prior to meeting)

Parking Enforcement Issue
Chuck Jones repeated his presentation from last month on traffic and parking control in neighborhood. Sheridan Bailey suggested that the ideas be dovetailed with current Traffic Mitigation Committee ideas. Anne Grass suggested that Mr. Jones be ready with his ideas at the December meeting, after the “one month” extension given by the City (for the Do Not Enter signs) has expired.

Trump Towers
Chuck Jones reported on recent Trump Towers/Esplanade decision by City. He is in possession of petitions for those wishing to oppose the City vote giving go ahead to Trump plans. The hope of the organized effort is to get enough signatures to put the final decision on the ballot for voters to decide.

VI. Announcements
Next meeting- December 6, 6.30 pm

VII. Adjournment
The meeting was adjourned at 7pm.