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MPNA Board Meeting Minutes
November 6, 2007  
I. Call to Order & Introduction – Bruce Bilbrey
The meeting was called to order at 6:33
Board Attendance:
Bruce Bilbrey
Anu LoVecchio
Doug Harter

II. Reading of the Minutes – Bruce Bilbrey
Bruce indicated that draft minutes will be posted on the neighborhood website for review and concurrence.

III. Treasurer’s Report – Doug Harter
Balance is 6060.64. No activities this month other than the previously stated check deposits. Bruce indicated that the neighborhood should come up with some good ideas on how to spend the money, as it serves no purpose in the account, while thinking of innovative ways to raise money also. He suggested the meeting as a good forum for discussing the issues/ideas.

IV. MPNA Zoning and Development – Rick DeGraw
Rick discussed that the Omninet project was recently defeated, however Omninet has hired a consulting firm and are planning to come back in full force with their plans. There does not appear to be any changes to the original plan of 25 stories, but they are eligible to refile after the date of the first filing. They are supposed to go to the four surrounding neighborhoods to discuss the project.

Rick further discussed the plans of the Red Roof Inn to build a small three story building in what is now their parking lot. The building will consist of restaurants on the first floor and office space on the second and third floors. The issue of what was planned for the old Target site was discussed, and it was mentioned that there is talk of a Lowe’s being built in that location.

A member of the Grandview neighborhood came to discuss the issue of writing a collective letter to Planning and Zoning regarding having builders submit credits to see if they are serious in their building projects. The reason for this is that he believes that builders submit plans in an effort to raise the value of properties for perspective buyers/leasers. The member also discussed the strength of the North Central Neighborhood Association and their opposition to Omninet. This again brought up the subject of Omninet, which Rick described as different than the lightrail project, which was designed with neighborhood input, and includes the lightrail station, underground bus parking and a neighborhood opening. Rick further stated that Omninet did not seek neighborhood input. Reggie disagreed with Rick and indicated that the surrounding neighborhood was in fact supportive of Omninet and that we should take cues from the neighborhood where the project is being built and think about supporting them. Reggie also indicated that the building was not to be 25 stories, but 250 feet. Rick stated that regardless of the size, it does not meet high rise zoning, as does the lightrail project, and that the city should build where zoning is allowed instead of issuing variances. Bruce ended the subject by stating that people can have their opinions, but majority rules and that we need to be well informed and get our voice heard as a community.

V. Light Rail Update – Terri Schouten
Terri was not available, but Lynn Morrow gave an update, indicating that the construction is on budget and on time.

VI. Historic Preservation Report – Kerry Moss/Lynn Morrow
As Kerry was unable to speak, Lynn spoke, advising the association of several open workshops hosted by the Historic Office. BJ then spoke of some neighbors in opposition of his plan to add a hobby room to the back of his home, and how the process by the Historic Office is not a good one, given the time of the meetings. He spoke of how he felt that their were some neighbors who did not understand the scope of the project, but opposed it anyway and he does not understand their logic. Lynn stated that the opposition was from him and that Planning and Zoning has clear rules and they ultimately make the decisions. He further stated that his opinion does not really make a difference. BJ stated that his opinion did in fact make a difference and that in the end the city denied him the variance to proceed with his project. BJ felt that if he was in opposition to the project, he should have come to him for an explanation of their plans. Lynn stated that the neighborhood in general should not “mess” with Planning and Zoning, as we may find that all of the garages along 3rd avenue are not zoned properly.

VII. Block Grant/Graffiti – Ellen Bilbrey
Ellen discussed that the grant was for two newsletters, telephone service, and a P.O. Box, which has been established, but we have gotten no mail. Ellen discussed that the process of painting numbers on the curbs has begun and that we have alley lights available. The problem with the lights is that the city will pay for the installation, but not the use of the electricity.

Ellen spoke of Operation ID. She stated that the police do not participate in this program, but that a pawn shop cannot take anything that has a DL number on it. Ellen also gave a presentation on graffiti in our neighborhood, specifically stating and showing the tagger MARTYR, which is all around the neighborhood. She stated that the fines for such tagging are huge and that we should take pictures of such tagging before beginning clean up. Ellen said that the police are serious about these taggers and that they believe it to be more than likely the skateboarders in the neighborhood. She urged everyone to take note and that if we ignore it, it will become a bigger problem.

VIII.New Business – Bruce Bilbrey
Bruce indicated that he would like to have an expanded newsletter and possibly add a stamped envelope so that neighbors can provide their contact information and possible donations. The association voted for an expanded newsletter. Bruce encouraged member contributions to the newsletter. Bruce also discussed the Annual Block Sale, and it was agreed that it would be better to host the sale in the Spring so that volunteers and contributors could be solicited through the newsletter.

IX. Old Business – Bruce Bilbrey
Bruce indicated that the roof rat issue has not gone away, but has gotten better

X. Adjournment – Bruce Bilbrey
Meeting adjourned at 7:59.