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CCNA Board Meeting Minutes
December 2, 2003  
The meeting was called to order and roll was taken. Present were Jon Douglas, Kerry Moss, Holly Lorka, Kerry Melcher, Lynn Morrow, and JB Runyon.

The Treasurer's report was unavailable.

Captain Paul Knobbe from Fire station #1 attended the meeting and spoke briefly about fire safety. Pastor Dan Etner was also present to discuss Christmas caroling. Anyone interested in caroling this year should meet at the church on December 21st at 5pm for a brief practice session before starting out in the neighborhood at about 5:30pm.

Crime Prevention: Neighborhood Patrol signs have been acquired, and the association is now looking into how to erect them. Estimates need to be gathered for the work to be done.

Diverter: The Association opened discussion about the proposed diverter. The neighbors from the northwest, southwest, and southeast corners of 3rd and Colter were in attendance, as was a resident from Medlock. The residents from the northwest and southwest corner, stated that they have time and again voiced their opposition to the diverter, and because there needs to be 100% consensus of the neighbors immediately adjacent to the diverter for it to be built, the issue should be dropped. These neighbors stated that they felt they were being ìganged up onî by the board- that even after they made their opinion known, they were still being harassed by Greg Bonderud about it. They were also angry that Greg was not in attendance to discuss it. The Board asked what specifically these residents were opposed to about the diverter. The residents at the northwest corner stated that they would have to travel sixteen blocks to get from their driveway to the front of their house. They also stated that drainage would be a problem. The neighbor at the southwest corner stated that he and his neighbor are cardiac patients and that they are concerned that emergency vehicles would be delayed. The neighbor at the northwest corner agreed that police and fire hate traffic diverters. The board asked if these neighbors had seen the plans for any of the other traffic diversion designs. The resident at the southwest corner stated that he would lose some of his property if any other design was implemented (just like the neighbors in Windsor Square lost property). and he was opposed to that. The neighbors at the northwest corner said they like living in an area that was convenient to get in and out of, and any diversion design would affect this too much. They went on to say that they would never approve ANY traffic diversion design at this corner as long as they were alive, and their children, who will inherit the property have agreed to also oppose any plans for traffic diversion at this intersection. The resident at the southeast corner stated that she would be open to seeing other traffic diversion plans. The other residents at the corner said it didn't matter, because they would oppose anything, and that it is a dead issue. The resident from Medlock Street stated that because the board continues to pursue this even with all the opposition, he feels the board is ganging up on the neighbors. Some board members stated that they are only here to represent the best interests of the residents, and are not interested in ganging up on the residents if they are opposed to this issue. Other board members stated that traffic problems are increasing in the neighborhood, and that if things are not done now, then things will quickly get worse, especially with Light Rail. There was much discussion about the proposed traffic light on 3rd and Camelback, and how that would affect the cut-through traffic. The neighbors stated that since the parking lot for light rail will be on the south side of Camelback, it won't matter. They did say, however, that they would consider speed bumps for 3rd Avenue, and asked the board why they didn't pursue that as an option. Some members of the board stated that they thought the diverter would be much more effective, but since there is so much opposition, they would now look into that, as well as other options throughout the neighborhood.

The meeting was adjourned.