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  By-Laws of the MPNA  

MPNA Board Meeting Minutes
December 9, 2009  
Present: Bruce Bilbrey, President and Vice-President Elect; Tracy Tepper, Vice President and President Elect; Ellen Bilbrey, Secretary; Bobbie Chinsky, Member at Large and Secretary Elect; Doug Harter, Treasurer; Kerry Moss, Member at Large; JB Runyon, Member at Large.

Transition Items:
Ellen gave Bobbie mailbox keys. Bruce and Tracy will meet on Saturday to add Tracy’s name to the checking account. Ellen will put databases on the internet. Bobbie will maintain neighborhood database.

Code of Conduct:
A code of conduct for MPNA meetings will be drafted by Bruce and Tracy, reviewed and approved by the Board and communicated to MPNA members before the next MPNA meeting for approval at the meeting.

MPNA Board and Member Meetings:
The Board will meet quarterly, dates to be determined. Membership meetings will be held semi-annually, on the first Tuesday of June (1st) and December (7th). Julie Smith, Community Action Officer will be invited to attend the Membership meetings. Membership will be invited to meet Ms. Smith at the June meeting.

Board (D&O) Insurance:
Members were unsure that associations could get D & O coverage. It was pointed out that the MPNA By-laws exempt Board members from liability.

Bruce will compile the changes to the By-laws approved by members at Association meetings. It was suggested that we review, clarify and modify the Election by-laws, changing the 60 day period to 30 days, holding Elections at the Annual Meeting in December, and terms to run January 1 through December 31st.

Board members will have Gmail accounts for the purpose of neighbors’ communication with the board. Naming convention will be first name.medlock@gmail.com. Once the accounts are established, the election results will be published on the web site and posted on the Community Boards with the respective e-mail addresses. We will publish minutes from the December meeting after the first of the year.

Street Representatives:
We do not have representatives for Medlock or Missouri. Street representatives have been responsible for distributing flyers, Block Watch, and for putting meeting signs out. It was suggested that the sign responsibility be centralized in one person.

Community Issues:
A fence has been erected on the southwest corner of Camelback and Central. The city is negotiating to use the land until the developer plans to do so. Neighborhood crime issues were discussed.

Respectfully Submitted
Bobbie Chinsky
Secretary Elect