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MPNA Board Meeting Minutes
December 5, 2006  
I. Call to Order & Introduction — Sheridan Bailey
The meeting was called to order at 6:32
Board Attendance:
Sheridan Bailey
Kerry Moss
Anu LoVecchio
JB Runyon
Tony Baptista

II. Reading of the Minutes — Sheridan Bailey
Draft minutes from the previous meeting on October 03, 2006, were distributed and ratified.

III. Treasurer's Report
Not available

IV. Commercial Liaison Board Member — Sheridan Bailey
Discussion was tabled.

V. MedlockPlace.Com Report — Sheridan Bailey
A proposal to compensate Lynn Morrow for maintaining the website was discussed with Lynn. Lynn stated that the advertising paid for the website and he considered his time on the website as his neighborhood service and thus voluntary.

VI. Historic Preservation Report — Kerry Moss
Kerry Moss discussed the issue of a carport being built at a home on West Oregon, stating that the plans were yet to receive approval. Kerry also discussed the planned renovations at 311 W. Georgia, for which the owner Mike Wagner was on hand to discuss. Mr. Wagner stated that the plan was approved by the city, but it was currently at excess pending finances and logistics. The plan includes moving the garage forward to accommodate a guesthouse, a basement and a second floor. They are planning to break ground in February

VII. Global Zoning and Development — Rick DeGraw
Rick DeGraw discussed a proposed signature property at Central and Camelback, encompassing the Central Station for the lightrail. The location is at the Southwest corner on a six-acre lot. The proposal is to build a high end mixed project with a third commercial, a third leased off and a third condominiums. The project will be constructed by Reed Butler and most of the funding is put together. The project is anticipated to be fully completed in five to eight years. Rick DeGraw spoke with Reed Butler attorney, Stella Sheridan, who has welcomed the opportunity to discuss the project with the neighborhood. They have already gotten approval from the Pearson Neighborhood. The company is open to discuss the opportunity to link other properties to their proposal, such as purchasing the restaurant on the corner of Third Avenue and Camelback so that that intersection can be closed to traffic and/or redeveloping the North side of Camelback from Central to Seventh Avenue. However, it was noted that the businesses at that location are all individually owned, and it would be difficult to have a collective project at that location. Ellen Bilbrey stated that it would behoove the neighborhood to involve the State Historic Preservation Office, who will often design a Main Street type street free of charge. Ellen will further explore this issue. In the interim Rick DeGraw was appointed as the Chairman of the MPNA Zoning and Development Committee.

VIII. Community Bulletin Boards — Ellen Bilbrey
The boards are up at the designated location. There was some discussion of the process by which grant funds are secured. Sheridan assured that all such grant activities will be conducted in an open and transparent atmosphere. It was also discussed that board meeting minutes and agendas should be posted at the boards.

IX. Light Rail Update — Terri Schouten

X. Traffic Mitigation — Sheridan Bailey
Sheridan discussed that there have been lots of complaints regarding the no turns into the neighborhood from Seventh Avenue. Sheridan announced that Cynthia Hazeltine is planning to circulate a petition in the spring to remove the “no left turn” signs. Tony Baptista volunteered to do a traffic analysis regarding this subject, with results in February if possible

XI. Coyotes — Are there any in the neighborhood? — Sheridan Bailey
Several people have seen two coyotes in the neighborhood. JB Runyon and Carla volunteered to contact the Arizona Game and Fish Department to discuss the proper course of action, if any.

XII. New Business/Long Term Issues — Sheridan Bailey

XIII. Grant Funding — Kerry Moss
Kerry Moss discussed the January 30th deadline for an available grant of $10,000.00, for crime prevention. It was decided that a special meeting would be held in January to discuss the grant. Ellen Bilbrey and Anu LoVecchio volunteered to assist Kerry in this endeavor.

VII. Adjournment — Sheridan Bailey
Meeting adjourned at 7:50.