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  By-Laws of the MPNA  

MPNA Board Meeting Minutes
December 6, 2005  
I. Call to Order & Introduction (Jon)
Board Attendance:
Jon Douglas
Anne Grass
Kerry Moss
Dian Bentinck
Sheridan Bailey

II. Reading of the Minutes (Dian/Secretary)
November’s minutes were amended and approved as amended.

III. Treasurer’s Report (Anne)
Starting Balance (10-4-05) $4,837.48

Income: $30.00
$25.00 (dues)
$5.00 (bait station donation)

Expenses: $574.29
Block Sale Ad $28.26
Block Sale Signs $209.71
Roof Rat Bait Stations ($50) $250.00
Roof Rat Bait $35.61
Bait Station Attachment Supplies $14.28
Copies $36.43

Ending Balance (11-1-05) $4,293.19

IV. Committee Reports
Traffic — Jon/Greg
The petitions for the Do Not Enter Signs are being reviewed by the City. The City changed the requirements for condo or apartment complexes which required getting additional signatures. 96 were needed and Greg obtained 120. It is believed that there are 73% confirmed signatures. A traffic study will be performed before the signs are installed. Installation is expected late January 2006. A post-installation traffic study will also be performed. The City will send a newsletter to residents explaining all of this.

Regarding Light Rail, Sandra Bonderud is the neighborhood Community Advisory Board representative. Construction starts in January. Light Rail reps will attend the January 2006 MPNA meeting.

Roof Rats — Bruce
No update

Block Watch Grant — Anne
No expenditures, balance is $2,234.00

Newsletter — Kerry
Year end newsletter in progress. Attendees were solicited for articles.

Bylaws — Dian
Bylaws have been revised/drafted and are in review.

V. New Business (topics not covered above- membership must submit all agenda requests in writing no later than the day prior to meeting)

Suns Athletic Club — Barry Wong
Barry explained the current plans for the building at 3rd and Jackson. He urged neighbors to get involved to show support for preserving the historic building.

VI. Announcements (including date and time of next meeting- January 3rd)
VII. Adjournment