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  By-Laws of the MPNA  

CCNA Board Meeting Minutes
February 1, 2005  
The meeting was called to order.
Jon Douglas
Kerry Moss
Dian Bentinck
Douglas Harter
JB Runyon
4 neighbors also attended

Meeting minutes for January were approved.

Treasurer’s report:
New balance = $5,554.61 (dues collected$50 + 24.73 expenses)

Traffic Mitigation
Still working on petitions for Do Not Enter signs. Petitions for Georgia and Oregon are in good shape. Update in March.

Block Watch Grant Money Projects
Fencing completed, received City permission for reallocation of funds.
All but 2 of the motion sensing lights have been installed. The remaining require poles to affix the lights to and will be installed in the next week.
Pillars still in progress; design has been nearly finalized. We are in the process of gaining approval from the owners of adjacent property. Locations permitted at 333 W Missouri & 7th Av & Colter. Linda Longmire (resident on Meldock) has not returned calls or letters requesting permission for the 3rd location. The cost of each pillar is estimated at about $2,000. Anne Grass has contact info for the owners of the radio station.

2005 Grant Request for newsletter and signage to increase attendance at neighborhood meetings, for a total of $2,966. Thanks to Anne Grass for lots of time and energy to put this together in a short period of time.

Colter Park
Kerry Moss & Jon Douglas have been vigilant in monitoring the homeless’ invasion of the property at 7th Av & Colter. No Trespassing signs were installed and an ‘Authority to Arrest’ was recorded. It appears that these actions have been successful. No Day Camping signs to be installed soon.

CCNA Board Election
Trini Jackson has indicated that she has insufficient time to continue in her position. The election will be on or about March 22nd. Rick DeGraw is in charge of the Nominating Committee.

Other business
• Jon Douglas suggested the CCNA donate $300 to the church to reciprocate for the use of their building for CCNA meetings. The motion was approved by the board.
• Various ideas were discussed to increase neighbor interest in patrolling the streets.

The meeting was adjourned.