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CCNA Board Meeting Minutes
February 3, 2004  
The meeting was called to order. Role was called. Those present were Kerry Melcher, JB Runyon, Doug Harter, Lynn Morrow, Holly Lorka, and Kerry Moss.

Nominating Committee: We have thirty days to form a committee to nominate new board members. According to bylaws, we must have elections March 21st. JB Runyon suggests Rick Degraw for nominating committee chair. Lynn Morrow will speak with him and see if he will accept the position. The board discussed several neighbors as good choices for board positions. These included Carol Klawell, Marilyn Ransom, Sherican Bailey, Ralph Anderson, Chris Cantu, and Dian Betnick.

Newsletter: Topics to include The Carniceria at 7th Ave. and Missouri, Block Watch, the Panino's Patio addition, the Colter diverter, and the travesty of the garage removal at 321 W. Oregon.

Block Watch/Grant Application: Dian Bentinck has headed this effort and has sent out emails to the board about the specifics of the application. So far, she has identified about $5,000 of items to apply for. The board discussed adding items such as irrigation risers with neighborhood signage and gates for irrigation easements. Many board members would prefer to start conservatively to get approval for the bare minimum rather than call the credibility of our application into question by applying for what may be fraudulent items. The city is apparently cracking down on these applications and denying them in whole when neighborhoods attempt to garner money for non-qualifying projects. Dian said she would call the city to check the validity of the irrigation risers as a qualifying project. Otherwise, she will leave them out of the grant. This was passed unanimously by the board.

Traffic Mitigation: Pastor Dan Etner was in attendance and spoke of the church's future plans. Eventually, its student population will double or triple to about 350 kids. The church would not like to see a one way exit at 7th Ave. and Colter. The church also plans to expand its offices and change the point of entry, build a gym and classroom facility, remove the portables to make room for playing fields. They also plan to build a block wall and decorative wall along 7th Ave. He hopes construction will be finished in 18 months.

Minutes: The meeting minutes from June, 2003 through January, 2004 were unanimously approved by the board.

The meeting was adjourned.