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  By-Laws of the MPNA  

MPNA Board Meeting Minutes
February 4, 2010  
Present: Tracy Tepper, President; Doug Harter, Treasurer; Bobbie Chinsky, Secretary; Kerry Moss, Member at Large; JB Runyon, Member at Large.

Absent: Bruce Bilbrey, Vice-President

Board Minutes:
Minutes of the Board Dec. 9 2009 Board Meeting were approved as written and will now be published on Medlock.com.

Status Update of 12/09/09 Meeting Tasks to be completed:
Bruce and Tracy to meet to add Tracy’s name to the checking account.
Ellen will put databases on the internet.
Tracy will send the draft of a code of conduct for MPNA meetings to the Board for review, discussion and approval at the next Board meeting and for communication to MPNA members before the next MPNA meeting for approval at the meeting.
Bruce to complete compilation of changes to the By-laws approved at Association meetings.
Bobbie will post Board members names, offices, phone numbers and Medlock@Gmail e-mail address on the communication boards.

Treasurer’s Report:
MPNA’s accounts are just shy of $6,980.00

Bobbie as Board Secretary will continue to pick up mail, notify Board members of mail received and scan and e-mail pertinent mail. All Board officers and one member at large, Kerry Moss, will be authorized to pick up mail should the Board Secretary be unable to do so. Bobbie will change the authorization at the UPS Store.

Board Expectations:
Tracy set forth the guidelines for Board effectiveness: A unified Board will be open and honest in addressing issues, value each other’s contributions, and assist each other. As issues arise during a Board meeting, some will need to be “put in the parking lot” for consideration at a future meeting. Members were in agreement.

Historic Preservation:
SB1166, the removal of property tax reduction for homes on the federal historic register has been tabled. Information will be sent out to the neighborhood as it is available.
Kerry has provided an e-mail on Exterior Rehabilitation Grant information she requested be sent out to the neighborhood.

Neighborhood Communication:
The MPNA newsletter, Medlock Pages, was discussed. Willo’s newsletter is revenue generating. While Medlock Pages was funded by Block Grant funds, no commercial ads were allowable. Donations for the newsletter would be taxable. The publication time of Medlock Pages is variable. The Board submits the content and turns it over for design. The completed design is taken to a printer. Kerry has a template for the text and graphics. It was suggested that we ask an ASU student or contact a neighbor who has a Graphic Design Firm for assistance.

Central Market:
The rezoning request by Central Market (Southeast corner of Central and Oregon) will be heard at the Village Planning Committee on 2/23 at 6:30 p.m. and at the Planning Commission on 3/10 at 6 p.m. If the decision is appealed, City Council will hear the appeal on 4/7 at 5 p.m. Bobbie will contact Linda Pollock, Windsor Square Vice President to determine what position their Board has taken.

Street Light Project:

Kerry will check with the city regarding current costs and easement issues.
It is possible we will need to pay for street lighting through a fund raiser or submit for Block Watch funds.

Metal Signs Reminders of Neighborhood Meetings:
Signs are incorrect and should be changed to reflect meeting at the Valley Lutheran High School instead of Mt. Calvary Lutheran Church. Members agreed the change a legitimate expense. Bobbie will check availability of transporting the sign. Doug will check the cost at Fast Signs.

Neighborhood Crime/Block Watch:
Ellen Bilbrey has indicated that there are solicitors who are checking doors to see if they are open. The Board agreed to ask Ellen to continue as Block Watch Chair and to continue to inform the neighborhood of crime/block watch issues. Kerry volunteered to take pictures of graffiti.

Old Business:
It was agreed to table Board D & O insurance as we believe that an association does not qualify.
We do not have street representatives for all streets. Two possible representatives were identified. Tracy will talk with each to determine their interest.

2010 Board Goals:
Postponed to next Board Meeting

MPNA Board and Member Meetings:
Community Meeting: Kerry will send Tracy Julie Smith’s e-mail address for an invitation to attend the Community Meetings. Board: The next meeting will be on March 2nd or 3rd .The following new items were identified as possible agenda items: Home Tour, Website, Sidewalk dust control, Establishment of a Graffiti Committee.

Respectfully Submitted
Bobbie Chinsky
Secretary Elect