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  By-Laws of the MPNA  

MPNA Board Meeting Minutes
February 06, 2007  
I. Call to Order & Introduction — Sheridan Bailey
The meeting was called to order at 6:34
Board Attendance:
Sheridan Bailey
Kerry Moss
Anu LoVecchio
JB Runyon
Doug Harter

II. Reading of the Minutes — Anu LoVecchio
Draft minutes from the previous meeting on December 05, 2006, were distributed and ratified.

III. Treasurer's Report
Total in account is $6009.89, no receipts and no expenditures during this period

IV. Commercial Liaison Board Member — Sheridan Bailey
Requested a volunteer from the business community.

V. Historic Preservation Report — Kerry Moss
Kerry Moss indicated that planned renovations at 311 W. Georgia are currently on hold and distributed pamphlets for the upcoming Willow Home Tour.

VI. Global Zoning and Development — Rick DeGraw
Rick DeGraw gave an update regarding the signature property at Central and Camelback, indicating a three to five year timeline before the project is completed. The property’s main entrance will be on Central and Camelback, but the foot traffic will be oriented toward the back of the property. There will be four stories of parking, both under ground and above. The developer is requesting a variance to increase the number of parking spaces and the proposal is for a building of twenty stories. Rick further indicated that the developer is supportive of neighborhood concerns.

VII. Light Rail Update — Terri Schouten
The next meeting is scheduled for February 13th. Montebello is closed from the entrance of Costco to 19th Avenue. The construction for the Central Station should begin this month. Terri further stated that the Washington Maintenance Station has been completed. Terri will provide information regarding the traffic light at 3rd Avenue and Camelback after the meeting on the 13th.

VIII. Traffic Mitigation — Tony Baptista

IX Coyotes —JB Runyon
JB Runyon did not have the opportunity to contact the Arizona Game and Fish Department.

X. New Business/Long Term Issues — Sheridan Bailey
Ellen Bilbrey discussed the issue of graffiti in the neighborhood, specifically in the Pasadena alley, indicating that it could be gangs marking their territory. In this regard, Ellen recommended that business and homeowners take down the graffiti immediately. There was a discussion regarding victims of home phone taping for the express reason of making 1-900 phone calls. A recommendation was made to call Qwest, and if they did not respond, to contact the Corporate Commission. Homeowners were encouraged to place a 1-900 block on their phones.

XI. Grant Funding — Kerry Moss
The submitted $10,000.00 grant for crime prevention is located on the Medlock Place Website for review. It is currently in review by the city.

XII. Adjournment — Sheridan Bailey
Meeting adjourned at 7:16.