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  By-Laws of the MPNA  

MPNA Board Meeting Minutes
February 7, 2006  
I. Call to Order & Introduction (Sheridan)
Board Attendance:
Sheridan Bailey
BJ Dines
Kerry Moss
Dian Bentinck
Greg Bonderud

About 35 neighbors attended the meeting.

Sheridan Bailey ran the meeting in the President’s absence.

II. Reading of the Minutes (Dian/Secretary)
Minutes were not available

III. Treasurer’s Report (Kerry)
$1360.00 in dues were deposited. No checks were written.
New Balance = $5668.02. The Treasurer’s Report was approved.

IV. Committee Reports
None were presented

V. New Business (topics not covered above- membership must submit all agenda requests in writing no later than the day prior to meeting)

Board Action to approve replacements for Vacant Member at Large & Treasurer positions

JB Runyon was approved for the Member at Large position with a unanimous vote of 4 votes.

Jim Mullany was approved for the Treasurer position with a unanimous vote of 5 votes.

Upcoming Election, Nominating Committee, Nominations (Kerry)
Two (or more) volunteers are needed to be on the Nominating Committee. Candidates are not permitted to be on the committee. Volunteers can contact Dian Bentinck.

Copies of the current bylaws, draft amended bylaws and a Bylaw / Drafting Committee Report were available to the attendees.

Sheridan Bailey proposed convening as a Committee as a Whole to review the amended bylaws. All were in favor except one who was opposed. It was confirmed that all persons present were property owners in Medlock Place.

Article I was approved (31-0) as drafted.

Article II paragraph 1 was amended and the Article was approved as amended by a vote 26-0. The amended first paragraph is shown below. The remaining portion of the Article remains unchanged.

The purpose of the Association is to promote and support the welfare of the residents of the Medlock Place Neighborhood. The Association is formed for civic, non-profit purposes. Upon dissolution of the association, any and all assets will be distributed to the Members in Good Standing of the Association. as a donation to any non-profit cause determined by a majority vote of those present at the final meeting. To fulfill the Association’s purpose, the Association shall:

Article III, Section I was amended and approved (27-1) as depicted below. It is understood that all references to terms changed in this Article will be similarly changed throughout the document.

Section 1. Categories

Voting Member in Good Standing: A Voting Member in Good Standing is an owner-individual representing a single family residential unit, i.e., a single family home, patio home, town home or condominium, within the boundaries of Medlock Place Neighborhood Association who has paid the annual dues as described in Article X, Section Two and as determined by records of the Treasurer. Each such single family unit shall be entitled to up to two votes, one per adult (age 18 or over) owner of the property. <**Alternative: Allow for two votes per property so as not to discriminate against persons occupying property individually.> Apartment residential units are limited to one vote per complex, subject to having paid dues as described above. The Treasurer shall maintain a current list of dues paying members and provide such list.
Member: Any other person interested in the Association may become a Member, including persons representing commercial establishments.

Apropos to Article III the following motion was made with an outcome of 8 in favor and 21 against:
Any person of voting age owning property or residing within the boundaries shall be a voting member of the association.

Review of the bylaws will be continued at the next meeting.

VI Announcements (including date and time of next meeting- Mar 7)

VII Adjournment