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  By-Laws of the MPNA  

CCNA Board Meeting Minutes
March 1, 2005  
The meeting was called to order.
Jon Douglas
Kerry Moss
Dian Bentinck
Douglas Harter
Greg Bonderud
JB Runyon
2 neighbors also attended

Meeting minutes for February were approved.

Treasurer’s report
New balance = $5,254.61 (Includes a $300 donation disbursed to Church to compensate for use of their facility for monthly meetings and a deposit of $100)

Traffic Mitigation
No update.

Block Watch Grant Money Projects
Pillars: We are in the process of gaining approval from the owners of adjacent property. The HOA for the condos at 333 W Missouri have denied the request to install a pillar. The neighbors at the northwest corner of 3rd Av and Georgia have tentatively agreed to allow installation on their property. Since it is a corner location, the pillar would be reduced to 3’ in height. The cost of each pillar is estimated at about $2,000. A location for a 3rd pillar is being sought. Greg Schouten and Dian have a meeting with the General Manager of the radio station to discuss a installing a pillar on their property.

Neighborhood Bylaws
It was suggested that changes be made to encourage more geographically balanced representation of the neighborhood on the board. In order to allow for resident input into these changes and the potential impact it will have on the candidate nomination, the election date should be delayed. The topics will be discussed in next month’s meeting. Neighbors will be contacted via mail advising them of these issues.

The meeting was adjourned.