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  By-Laws of the MPNA  

MPNA Board Meeting Minutes
March 3, 2010  
Present: Tracy Tepper, President; Doug Harter, Treasurer; Bobbie Chinsky, Secretary; Kerry Moss, Member at Large; JB Runyon, Member at Large.

Absent: Bruce Bilbrey, Vice-President

Board Minutes:
Minutes of the Board February 4, 2010 Board Meeting were approved as written and will now be published on Medlock.com.

Treasurer’s Report:
MPNA Accounts are just over $6,800.

Central Market:
The owners of Postino’s and partners with Venue Projects in the new Central Market project on the corner of Oregon and Central hosted the Board meeting. The project will involve renovation of the existing buildings which will house 6 bays of 800 square feet each. A restaurant (3 bays), ice cream shop (1 bay), and two other bays are planned. There will be a patio in the rear. A duplex to the east was purchased in order to provide a neighborhood buffer. Restaurant occupancy will be 95-100. There are 38 parking places on site. Employees will park across the street in the Oregon office building parking lot. Overflow parking will be in this lot as well. Valet parking will be provided. The building has been in commercial use since 1940 or 41 and has been zoned R3. A rezoning request to C1 has been submitted, was approved by the Alhambra Village Planning Committee on February 23rd.

2010 Board Goals:
The Board agreed to form committees to address neighborhood issues/projects.
• Block Watch
• Traffic (Speeders on Pasadena is a current issue)
• Zoning and development
• Graffiti

Historic Preservation:
SB1166, elimination of historic residential property tax reduction, was opposed by the city and the Arizona Preservation association but is still under consideration by the legislature.

Metal Signs:
Whereabouts: Kerry has 2, J. B. has 1; Lisa Brown (?), Robertson (Vermont) has 2. Signs are to be put out on the Sunday before each Community Meeting.

Neighborhood Block Watch:
The Board agreed to ask Ellen Bilbrey, Block Watch Chair, to attend Board meetings and to present a block watch report at each meeting.

Criminal Activity Update:
In 2009, Windsor Square activity was down, while Medlock Place was up.

Status Update of 2/4/10 Meeting Tasks to be completed:
Bruce and Tracy to meet to add Tracy’s name to the checking account. Continued.

Ellen will put databases on the internet. Bobbie will contact Ellen.

Tracy will send the draft of a code of conduct for MPNA meetings to the Board for review, discussion and approval at the next Board meeting and for communication to MPNA members before the next MPNA meeting for approval at the meeting. Continued.

Bruce will complete compilation of changes to the By-laws approved at Association meetings. Tracy to follow-up.

Bobbie will post Board members names, offices, phone numbers and Medlock@Gmail e-mail address on the communication boards. Continued.

Bobbie will change the authorization at the UPS Store. Completed.

Bobbie will contact neighbor about newsletter publication. Tabled.

Bobbie will contact Linda Pollock, Windsor Square Vice President to determine what position their Board has taken. No response received.

Kerry will check with the city regarding current costs and easement issues for street lights. In process, see agenda item.

Bobbie will check availability of transporting the signs. Completed.

Doug will check the cost at Fast Signs.

The Board agreed to ask Ellen to continue as Block Watch Chair and to continue to inform the neighborhood of crime/block watch issues. Completed, Ellen has agreed to continue.

Kerry volunteered to take pictures of graffiti. She is doing so.

Tracy will talk with potential street representatives to determine their interest.

Kerry will send Tracy Julie Smith’s e-mail address for an invitation to attend the Community Meetings. Tracy asked Kerry to send again.

Parking lot Items: Home Tour (tabled); Website (tabled); Dust Control (removed); Establishment of Graffiti Committee (to be moved to neighborhood committees) ; Newsletter (tabled).

New Business:
Liquor License requested on 7th Avenue: The Board agreed that this license did not adversely affect our neighborhood and agreed not to take a formal position n the request.

Commercial Liaisons: It was agreed to ask Craig and Loren from Postino’s to be our commercial liaisons.

Valley Lutheran High School: Doug was authorized by the Board to issue a check for $300 for the use of the VLHS as a Community Meeting site for the calendar year 2010.

Board Expense: It was agreed that if the Board met for a dinner meeting, the cost of dinner, exclusive of any alcoholic beverages, could be paid by the MPNA treasury.

Next Board Meeting and Adjournment:
The next meeting will be held on Wednesday April 7th, 2010 at 6:30 p.m. Kerry will check to see if it is feasible to meet at Hula’s on Central.

Respectfully Submitted
Bobbie Chinsky
Secretary Elect