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CCNA Board Meeting Minutes
April 26, 2003  
Jon Douglas
Doug Harter
Holly Lorka
Kerry Moss
Kerry Melcher
J. B. Runyon
Lynn Morrow

The meeting was begun and it was immediately made clear by many of the board members that 9:00 am is too early for a Saturday meeting.

The first item discussed was the recent designation of Medlock Place Historic District. Kerry Moss presented an idea for a neighborhood party to celebrate this event. A date was set for Sunday, June 1st at 5pm. Kerry Moss will chair the committee to organize this event, and Holly Lorka will assist her. The party will be announced in the upcoming newsletter. It was also discussed that a letter should be sent to Natalie Medlock (the wife of the late Floyd Medlock) to inform her of our recent designation and to invite her to the party. Holly Lorka will compose and send this letter.

The next item discussed was the development of the upcoming newsletter. Jon Douglas presented funds from advertisers who wish to be featured in the next edition. Jon, Kerry Moss, and Lynn will collaborate on ways to make these advertisements print-quality. It was decided that the newsletter will be hand-delivered, and that all those buying ad space should know this up front. Jon Douglas will ensure that all are aware. The group discussed possible ideas for newsletter content, including a "Dear Abby" section, and a column about dues money. It was decided that the names of those who have paid will not be published in the newsletter, but a list of the street representatives and their phone numbers would be so people could call and check to see if they have paid. Jon Douglas suggested that an explanation of how dues money is used (to pay for the speed humps, etc.) be included. Kerry Moss will submit a preliminary draft of the newsletter within one week, and the final draft should be ready in two weeks.

Next to be discussed was the issue of building columns to mark the entrance to our newly historic neighborhood. Jon Douglas submitted plans and estimates for brick columns to be placed in four locations in the neighborhood. The group discussed the cost and different ways to fund the venture, including a private donor, a security company sponsor, or the neighborhood treasury. It was brought up that we do not have an official neighborhood vote either for or against this issue, and it is unclear whether or not it should be a top priority right now. Some in the group thought that the diverter should be top priority instead of the columns. It was decided that this issue should be tabled until it is presented to the neighborhood.

Kerry Melcher presented an idea to develop a way to reward homeowners in the neighborhood who have worked hard on their residences. She suggested creating signs to place in a front yard for "Most Improved Property", or "Best Paint Job", etc. The signs would be rotated as new winners arose. No specifics were discussed.

Then we ran out of coffee and had to adjourn.