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MPNA Board Meeting Minutes
April 28, 2010
Medlock Place Neighborhood Association Board Meeting
Present: Tracy Tepper, President; Bruce Bilbrey, Vice-President; Doug Harter, Treasurer; Bobbie Chinsky, Secretary; Kerry Moss, Member at Large; JB Runyon, Member at Large.

Board Minutes:
Minutes of the Board March 3, 2010 Board Meeting were approved with modification and will now be published on Medlock.com.

Treasurerís Report:
MPNA Accounts are $6924.55. The Board confirmed approval or approved the following expenditures: 4 Corners Pierson Place Flyers printing and distribution, to Kerry Moss and Bobbie Chinsky; a replacement padlock $12.00; addition to fences $50.00. Consensus was to send an e-mail before the June 1 Community Meeting requesting dues payment. If we receive city approval and funding for street lights there may be a need for contributing funds from the neighborhood.

2010 Board Goals:
The Board agreed that a Board member would take the lead on committees as the need arises.
Block Watch: Ellen Bilbrey continues in this capacity

Traffic (Speeders on Pasadena is a current issue): Tracy is taking the lead. Tom Simplot will be invited to the Community meeting to address this issue.

Zoning and development: Other than historic preservation issues (chaired by Kerry) there are no active issues.

Graffiti: Ellen is continuing to handle.
Historic Preservation:
SB1166: No further action this year.

Central Market: No update.

Pierson Place: There is an effort to change the zoning on properties on Mariposa and to tear down residences which will reduce the contributing properties and thereby endanger the historic neighborhood status of Pierson Place. Kerry is our representative to the 4 Corners Steering Committee which is addressing this issue.
Neighborhood Crime/Safety:
Block Watch: Ellen continues to e-mail re any incidents in our or adjacent neighborhoods. The areas’ irrigator has agreed to have Block Watch information on his vehicle at Ellen’s request.

Street Lighting: Kerry has spoken with city staff. Funds are not currently available and when available may need to be matched. 2011 Block Grant funds are a possible source of revenue. The city will determine where the street lights will be located.
Metal Signs:
Bruce volunteered to be responsible for gathering the meeting announcement signs and transporting them to be printed with updated information.

Community Yard Sale: The sale was held on Saturday 4/24.

Community Meeting: Kerry may bring food to the meeting and Tracy may bring beverages. A meeting agenda was drafted.

Status Update of 3/3/2010 Meeting Tasks to be completed:
Bruce and Tracy to meet to add Tracy’s name to the checking account. Doug may assist in this if Bruce and Tracy can’t connect. Continued

Ellen will put databases on the internet. Complete, Tracy has disks.

Tracy will send the draft of a code of conduct for MPNA meetings to the Board for review, discussion and approval at the next Board meeting and for communication to MPNA members before the next MPNA meeting for approval at the meeting. Continued

Bruce will complete compilation of changes to the By-laws approved at Association meetings. Tracy to follow-up

Bobbie will post Board members names, offices, phone numbers and Medlock@gmail e-mail address on the communication boards. Done

Bobbie will contact neighbor about newsletter publication. Tabled

Bobbie will contact Linda Pollock, Windsor Square Vice President to determine what position their Board has taken. No longer pertinent

Kerry will check with the city regarding current costs and easement issues for street lights. In process, see agenda item.

Bobbie will check availability of transporting the signs. Completed

Doug will check the cost at Fast Signs. Completed by Kerry

The Board agreed to ask Ellen to continue as Block Watch Chair and to continue to inform the neighborhood of crime/block watch issues. Completed, Ellen has agreed to continue.

Kerry volunteered to take pictures of graffiti. She is doing so.

Tracy will talk with potential street representatives to determine their interest.

Kerry will send Tracy Julie Smith’s e-mail address for an invitation to attend the Community Meetings. Done.
Parking lot Items: Home Tour (tabled); Website (tabled); Dust Control (removed); Establishment of Graffiti Committee (to be moved to neighborhood committees) ; Newsletter (tabled).

New Business: None

Next Board Meeting and Adjournment:

The next meeting will be the Community Meeting on 6/1/2010.

Respectfully Submitted
Bobbie Chinsky, Secretary