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MPNA Board Meeting Minutes
April 03, 2007  
I. Call to Order & Introduction — Sheridan Bailey
The meeting was called to order at 6:32
Board Attendance:
Sheridan Bailey
Kerry Moss
Anu LoVecchio
JB Runyon
Doug Harter

II. Reading of the Minutes — Anu LoVecchio
Draft minutes from the previous meeting on February 06, 2007, were distributed and ratified.

III. Treasurer's Report
Total in account is $6009.89, no receipts and no expenditures during this period

IV. Light Rail Update — Terri Schouten
Terri introduced Dee Hidalgo-Coe from Light Rail Community Outreach.

V. Light Rail Community Outreach — Dee Hidalgo-Coe
Ms. Hidalgo-Coe made a presentation regarding the upcoming light rail, which is scheduled to open in December of 2008. The light rail is scheduled to cover twenty miles, with five line sections. The Medlock neighborhood will be in line section 1, which goes from 19th Avenue and Bethany Home to Central and Camelback. There will be a kiosk at every station, in order to obtain tickets. These kiosks will take cash, bankcards and credit cards and will provide change. Security measures will be in place to protect the consumer’s identifying information within the kiosks. Hours of operation have not yet been established, nor has the fare. However, the fare will be comparable to bus fares. There will be security at each station and on each vehicle, by means of closed circuit TVs. When asked about the traffic light at 3rd Avenue and Camelback, we were advised that crosswalks need to be in place before the traffic lights.

VI. Traffic Mitigation — Sheridan Bailey
Sheridan introduced Cynthia Hazeltine, who surveyed the room on interest in removing the no turn signs on 7th Avenue. Ms. Hazeltine stated that there is a two-month deadline, until June 16, 2007, to submit petitions indicating that there is a 51% majority to have the signs removed. She requested volunteers to walk the petitions around the neighborhood. Volunteers were requested to contact Cynthia Hazeltine at (602) 274-5183.

Ken Fong from the City of Phoenix Street Transportation Department was also available to discuss neighborhood issues relating to traffic. Mr. Wong indicated that in an effort to divert/slow light rail construction traffic, the city is willing to offer free speed bumps and local traffic/closure signs. Mr. Wong also indicated that the city is willing to hold more public meetings regarding the issue, install police radars and increase police enforcement in the area, with regard to traffic issues. Mr. Wong can be reached at (602) 495-5675. When inquires were made regarding four way stop signs and cul-de-sacs, Mr. Wong indicated that Federal guidelines mandate a study revealing at least five accidents at a corner in order to install such stop signs. Mr. Wong also stated that cul-de-sacs are not within his jurisdiction, and that an application, with a $1,000 fee, must be submitted to the Development Service Department.

VII. Crime Issues and Block Watch — Ellen Bilbrey
Ellen stated that the crime statistics for the last six months indicate that 100 different crimes have been committed in our neighborhood. She indicated that information regarding the grant for crime prevention remains pending with the city. Ellen stated that the 15th Avenue and Camelback area has one of the highest rates of crime in the city and encouraged metal frame security doors.

VIII. New Business/Long Term Issues — Sheridan Bailey

IX Office of Tom Simplot — Concerns in Our Area — Andrew Tuttle
Mr. Tuttle discussed the petitions to remove the “suicide lanes” on 7th Avenue and 7th Street. He indicated that they are currently looking at traffic patterns with regard to that issue. Since time was running short, Mr. Tuttle agreed to stay and address any neighbor/hood concerns after adjournment.

XII. Adjournment — Sheridan Bailey
Meeting adjourned at 7:44.