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  By-Laws of the MPNA  

MPNA Board Meeting Minutes
April 4, 2006  
I. Call to Order & Introduction (Sheridan)
The meeting was called to order at 6.30 pm.

Jim Mullany
Sheridan Bailey
BJ Dines
Kerry Moss
Dian Bentinck
Greg Bonderud
JB Runyon

II. Reading of the Minutes (Dian)
March minutes were approved as amended.

III. Treasurer’s Report
Starting Balance (2-28-06) $5,668.02

Income: $430.00

Expenses: $164.06

Ending Balance (3-31-06) $5,933.96
The Treasurer’s Report was approved

IV. Committee Reports
None presented

V. New Business (topics not covered above- membership must submit all agenda requests in writing no later than the day prior to meeting)

Regarding Mosquito Spraying. BJ Dines reported that it is premature to be concerned about spraying. If we do have spraying, it will be prompted based on the number of requests/complaints raised by residents.

Regarding Roof Rat Bait Stations — The remaining Bait Stations will be brought to the next meeting for distribution.

Regarding the Stolen Car that was torched behind the former Musallem Rug store — Linda Longmire advised attendees of this event. She will contact Phoenix Police Department to see if there is anything more that can be done for prevention or patrolling.

Regarding the Do Not Enter Signs — Hector Salvatierra presented the following request for information from Jennifer Wethe (Colter). “Has a final decision been made on the street signs regarding entrance to neighborhood? I find the signs to be quite disruptive and potentially unsafe. Would it be possible to have car decals allowing entrance from 7th Av? If not, I would prefer unrestricted access.” Meeting attendees provided their opinion of the impact and value of the signs, with more opinions in favor of the signs. It was noted that 3rd Avenue has experienced more traffic since the signs were installed.

Upcoming Election, Nominating Committee, Nominations, Early Voting (Kerry)
Kerry asked for volunteers to run for the Secretary position. No one responded.
Residents standing for office so far: Jim Mullany (Treasurer); BJ Dines, Greg Bonderud, JB Runyon (Member at Large); Kerry Moss (Vice President); Sheridan Bailey (President). Sheridan clarified his willingness to serve as President is contingent on having a strong team.

Jon Douglas is considered resigned from the board as provided in the bylaws. Kerry Moss succeeds him as President.

Bylaw Review
The meeting of the committee as a whole convened at 7.10 pm. The following bylaw changes were discussed and approved.

Article IV, sections 4 & 5 were discussed. Section 4 was accepted as written (14-0). Section 5 was deleted (13-2).

Section 4. Roberts Rules of Order, latest edition, shall govern the Association’s deliberations unless such rules are in conflict with the Association’s Bylaws, or special rules of order. In the event of conflict, the bylaws shall take precedence.

VI. Announcements (including date and time of next meeting- May 2)

VII. Adjournment
The meeting adjourned at 7.28 pm.