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CCNA Board Meeting Minutes
April 5, 2005  
The meeting was called to order.
Jon Douglas
Kerry Moss
Dian Bentinck
Douglas Harter
Greg Bonderud
JB Runyon
Trini Jackson
Marilynne Ransom
11 neighbors also attended

Meeting minutes for March were approved.

Treasurer’s report for Q1 2005:
Receipts: $784.00
Deposits: $649.00
Pending Deposits: $300.00
Current Balance: $5,848.61

A question was raised as to when association dues become due. According to the bylaws, dues are payable for each year beginning in April each year. It was suggested that the dues time frame be on a calendar year basis.

Proposed Bylaw Changes
The proposed bylaw changes were discussed in more detail. Concerns were raised including:
Board membership should not exclude residents not owning single family residences.
Candidates may have concern about volunteering to serve on the board if the position responsibilities are not clearly defined.
After considerable discussion it was moved to table changes to the bylaws until after the election.

CCNA Board Election
The attending audience recommended that the neighborhood be provided detail of the duties of the various board member positions and provide examples of the recent board projects. It was further requested that this information be mailed to all residents and the deadline for nominations be extended to two weeks after the notice. Lyn Bucho volunteered to write the mailer and provide to Dian for mailing. Following the close of the nomination period, it was recommended that another notice to residents be provided that lists candidates and brief biographical information.

Block Watch Grant Money Projects
Pillars: Locations for 2 pillars have been confirmed. The 3rd location at Oregon on radio station property is still being pursued.

The meeting was adjourned.