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CCNA Board Meeting Minutes
April 4, 2004  

The meeting was called to order and role was called. Those present were Jon Douglas, Kerry Moss, Doug Harter, Holly Lorka, JB Runyon, Lynn Morrow, and Greg Bonderud.

Ballots for the 2004 election were distributed. Additional nominations from the floor were called for. There were no additional nominations.

Treasurer's report: The CCNA's ending balance (as of 12-31-03) was $4,702.31 (Doug Harter submitted the complete official report to Jon Douglas). Please refer to this report for a detailed list of expenditures and revenue.

Traffic: We need to submit the completed petitions for speed humps along 3rd Ave by May 1st. We need about 10 more signatures to complete these We also discussed getting a third speed hump on Colter between Central and 3rd Avenue. We need the approval of all residents within 150 feet of the hump plus 70% of the remaining street residents. We are also discussing more humps on Oregon (between Central and 3rd).

The voting was completed and the ballots were tallied. The 2004 CCNA Board members are as follows:

President: Jon Douglas
Vice President: Kerry Moss
Treasurer: Doug Harter
Secretary: Dian Bentinck
Members at Large:
Trini Jackson
Greg Bonderud
Marilynne Ransom
JB Runyon

The last meeting of the 2003-2004 CCNA Board was adjourned.