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CCNA Board Meeting Minutes
May 4, 2004  
The meeting was called to order and role was called. Those present were Jon Douglas, Kerry Moss, Doug Harter, Dian Bentinck, JB Runyon. Greg Bonderud arrived after the role was called.

April’s meeting minutes were not available to be approved.

Doug provided a summary treasurer's report. The financial summary for 2004 is shown below. Also, with the change in board membership, the new secretary needs to be added as a second signer on the association checking account.

Beginning cash balance on 1-1-04


Revenue so far


Expenses for postage and printing


3rd Ave. speed Humps


Current cash in bank


Regarding the Colter Park homeless and the impact on nearby residences, Jon Douglas and Kerry Moss have been working with Tom Simplot to identify a solution that will help keep the homeless from using the park for day camping and using the nearby homes and easements when the park is closed. The alleys behind properties are also refuges and those residences with alley side trash pickup might consider front side pickup so the alleys can be blocked off and secured from the trespassers.

The Block Watch grant applications are still under review. Jon Douglas wants the signs installed as soon as we know we have received funding from the city.

Greg will be submitting the 3rd avenue speed hump petitions to Leticia Vargas at the City. JB Runyon will contact Leticia to resurrect the prior Oregon (Central to 3rd Ave.) petition. Doug Harter agreed to spearhead getting the needed signatures. It is felt that many of the residents now would support the speed humps.

Jon reminded everyone of the revenue raised from newsletter ads and encouraged all to solicit vendors for ads whenever possible.

The meeting was adjourned.