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CCNA Board Meeting Minutes
June 3, 2003  
The meeting was called to order and roll was called. Those present were Jon Douglas, Kerry Moss, Doug Harter, Holly Lorka, Lynn Morow, JB Runyon, Kerry Melcher, and Lyn Bucho.

The minutes from the last board meeting were reviewed and accepted.

The Treasurer's report was presented by Doug Harter. There is currently over $1300 in the treasury, which includes recent dues payments and advertisement money.

Two residents from 509 W. Missouri were in attendance to complain about the crime in the neighborhood. They had recently been robbed of "major appliances", and voiced their concerns regarding the Neighborhood Watch policies of patrolling during daylight hours only, and also of the lack of police support in the neighborhood. It was suggested that they contact Jessica Flores regarding increasing police presence in the neighborhood.

Old Business
Traffic Mitigation: Discussed need for committee chair. Jon Douglas and Kelly Kordylas will co-chair this committee. Discussed need for additional speed humps on Medlock and Oregon. Medlock’s humps have already been paid for, Oregon’s have not. Chris Duranis will take over the fight for more humps on Medlock. There will be a traffic study 90 days after the speed humps and temporary diverter were installed, and signatures will again need to be obtained to keep them. The issue of the diverter was discussed. Many members of the board have noticed a marked difference in the neighborhood traffic pattern and are pleased. Again, after 90 days a new round of signatures will need to be obtained to keep the diverter. If the diverter will become permanent, we will need to design landscaping for it. Jon Douglas and Holly Lorka will work on this design. The board discussed the importance of staying on top of all neighborhood traffic issues with the Light Rail project rapidly approaching. The issue of street parking permits was brought up. Kerry Melcher and John Ward will gather information about these permits and present it at a later date.

Neighborhood Patrol: Committee to be chaired by Lyn Bucho. The city requires that residents attend a class to participate in this patrol. If we accrue the necessary number of patrol hours, grant money is available. Lyn will obtain a schedule of the classes and other pertinent information and report back at the next meeting.

Light Rail: The city is sponsoring an informational meeting. Kerry Melcher will attend and report back to the board.

Fund Raising: $675 was raised from the advertising sold for the most recent newsletter. Ads were sold for $25 each and were given exclusivity. Many ads have already been sold for the next newsletter. It was decided that exclusivity should not be granted on any future advertisements.

Newsletter: It was decided that it should be a quarterly publication, with the next printing to be in August. Kerry Moss is soliciting articles for future publications.

New Business
Installation of Street Lamps: Will require money from either grants or a home tour. A home tour will be tentatively scheduled for October of 2004. Kerry Moss will chair this committee.

Liquor Board Hearing: Deadline for letters of protest to the granting of a liquor license to AM Dollar Mart at 527 E. Camelback is June 5, 2003. C&CNA is opposed to this license. Holly Lorka will compose a letter on behalf of the board and send a letter to the liquor board before the deadline.

Tax Exempt Status: Doug Harter reports that 501C4 is the only category that is appropriate for our association. Because of the filing process status cannot be obtained for at least 6 months, and realistically won’t be in effect until 2004.

Bank Signature Information: Holly Lorka will be added to signature card in the event that Doug Harter is not available to sign. Executive committee approval is requires for any expenditures over $100.

Board Registration: The names of the new board members must be registered with the city. Holly Lorka will complete the necessary paperwork to do so.

Greg Bonderud was nominated and approved to be a member at large.

Insurance: Doug Harter will gather information about the need to obtain liability insurance for diverters, speed humps, street lamps, etc.

Special Events: Holly Lorka will chair the special events committee.

The meeting was adjourned.