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CCNA Board Meeting Minutes
June 1, 2004  
The meeting was called to order and role was called. Those present were Jon Douglas, Kerry Moss, Doug Harter, Dian Bentinck, JB Runyon., Trini Jackson. Greg Bonderud was absent.

May’s meeting minutes were approved.

Doug provided a summary treasurer’s report as follows:

Beginning cash balance on 5-4-04


Membership dues


Current cash in bank


The Block Watch grant applications are still under review and will be decided at a June 2nd council meeting. Applicants are invited to call after that time. Dian Bentinck will follow-up.

Council District 4 breakfast meeting with Tom Simplot and city officials:
Regarding the Colter Park homeless and the impact on nearby residences, City officials, police and neighbors are working together to find ways to keep the homeless from residing in the park and encroaching on neighboring resident’s properties. A park rule against day camping is being evaluated among other ideas. More to come.

Traffic Mitigation:
JB Runyon will oversee the collection of signatures for the Oregon (Central to 3rd Av) speed hump petitions. It seems that many of the residents now would support the speed humps. 3rd Avenue Speed Humps have been paid for. One signature is needed. D Bentinck to assist.

Neighbors from Medlock and Colter Av attended to voice concerns about traffic mitigation and in particular, a traffic diverter at 3rd and Colter. Residents at 302 W Colter asserted that City regulations prohibit the installation of a traffic control ‘device’ at an intersection where residents at all 4 corners do not consent. 302 W Colter will not agree to a diverter or other possible devices. Other residents expressed concern about adverse effects of the traffic diverter study (increased congestion on Medlock). Neighbors recommended that overall traffic mitigation plans be considered rather than further specific deliberations about this intersection. Other residents attending the meeting also asserted their knowledge of the '4-corners rule'. In summary,
1) City policy as quoted to us on several occasions requires the consent of all four corner properties to install a diverter;
2) one property owner refuses to consent to a diverter under any circumstances and by that vetoes the diverter at 3rd Ave and Colter;
3) it is pointless to continue presenting the diverter- any diverter at this intersection- as a traffic mitigation option;
4) we should move on in our traffic mitigation work and consider all other options.

Based on the foregoing, JB Runyon made the motion to remove the subject of a traffic diverter at 3rd & Colter from further association meetings. Those who seconded and agreed were: Doug Harter and Dian Bentinck. Kerry Moss voted against; Jon Douglas and Trini Jackson did not vote.

Due to the lengthy discussion on traffic mitigation, other agenda topics were deferred.

The meeting was adjourned.

Addendum to Meeting Minutes

Subsequent to the June 1 association meeting, Councilman Tom Simplot and other City officials volunteered to share options and ideas for traffic mitigation with the association. To preserve the integrity of the board function, 2 motions were made and approved as of July 3, 2004:

1) CCNA Board of Executives Motion: That upon the agreement of 5 voting members (see CCNA By-Laws, Article III, Section 5), the Board be allowed to vote via e-mail on a motion to reinstate neighborhood traffic mitigation as an agenda item.

Voting members in favor of the above motion (1):
Lynn Morrow
Greg Bonderud
Kerry Moss
Jon Douglas
David Clark

2) CCNA Board of Executives Motion: Reinstate traffic mitigation to meeting agenda.

Board members in favor or passing a motion (2) to reinstate traffic mitigation to the agenda:
Kerry Moss
Jon Douglas
Greg Bonderud
Dian Bentinck
Trini Jackson
Opposed: Runyon, Harter.