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MPNA Board Meeting Minutes
June 1, 2010, 6:30 p.m.
Medlock Place Neighborhood Association Valley Lutheran High School Classroom Building
Tracy Tepper, Board President called the meeting to order at 6:35 p.m. She welcomed attendees and guests and introduced 2010 Board Members.

Code of Conduct
Tracy indicated most professional organizations have a code of conduct. She read the highlights of a draft of a code of conduct for Medlock Place Neighborhood Association meetings. When the draft is finalized, it will be sent out to the neighborhood.

Neighborhood Crime
Tracy welcomed our guest speaker Community Action Officer Julie Smith. Ms. Smith shared with the group that Travis Murphy, an officer tragically killed in the line of duty, served our area as part of the Squaw Peak Precinct.

Police statistics for our neighborhood indicate crime is down and there have been no recent violent crimes. Officer Smith urged our neighborhood to continue to be alert and call about suspicious people. We can request an officer to look at our homes and yards to make suggestions for increased security. The precinct also provides “vacation security”, driving by more frequently when notified of a planned absence from a home. There is a small rise in the number of burglaries during the summer as houses are often easier to get into. She urged us to keep windows closed and doors and windows locked. Another recommendation offered was to use caution when using social networking as it can reveal absence from the home and because the contents can be subpoenaed in court. She left brochures on burglary prevention and vacation security.

Ms. Smith also suggested we get to know our officers and we will do so by inviting a dispatch or burglary detective to our next meeting.

Status of Solicitation Ordinance
Ellen Bilbrey was selected to be a member of a city committee on a Solicitation Ordinance. The goal is to limit solicitors to assist in curtailing crime. Ellen explained that many other cities have such ordinances. The City Attorney has indicated a Solicitation Ordinance will not violate freedom of speech. Ellen noted we have taught our neighbors not to open doors to solicitors so the number of solicitors in our neighborhood has dropped.

Historic Preservation
Kerry Moss reported the 2011 legislature may review the bill proposed this session to strip historic district homes of the current property tax reduction.

Kerry described the renovation and rezoning application of the building on the east side of Central at Oregon by the “Postino Group”. The building will contain a restaurant, The Windsor, and an ice cream parlor and other businesses yet to be determined.

Kerry also reported the Homme Lounge at 138 West Camelback has been demolished.

New Business
A motion was made by Bruce and seconded by Kerry to approve a $300.00 donation to the Mount Calvary Lutheran Church for the use of their building for MPNA Community Meetings during 2010. The motion passed.

Pete Zorbas, representing a coalition of neighbors in Pierson Place, addressed the meeting regarding the effect of the new light rail park and ride lot that borders homes on the north side of Mariposa. Neighbors have requested a 10 foot wall separating the lot from the homes while the city is requesting only an 8 foot wall. There will be a meeting with Light Rail representatives on Thursday June 3, 2010 at 6 p.m. at the Days Inn on Camelback and Mr. Zorbas urged neighborhood residents to attend.

Kerry Moss announced Hula’s Tiki, a new addition to neighborhood restaurants last fall, generously donated food for tonight’s meeting.

Next Community Meeting
The next community meeting is on December 7, 2010. Board elections will be held.

Bruce Bilbrey made a motion for adjournment seconded by Kerry Moss. The motion was approved and the meeting adjourned at 7:30 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted
Bobbie Chinsky, Secretary