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MPNA Board Meeting Minutes
June 15, 2005  
The meeting was called to order.
Jon Douglas
Kerry Moss
Dian Bentinck
Douglas Harter
Greg Bonderud
Marilynne Ransom
Rick DeGraw, Nominating Chair

Rick DeGraw, Medlock Place Association Nominating Committee Chairman, received requests from several neighbors for an opportunity to Early Vote for the election. Arrangements had not previously been made for Early Voting. Lots of discussion among board members and Rick circulated via email. Rick DeGraw's initial position was that he would not proceed with the Early Voting unless all candidates agreed. There was some opinion that allowing for Early Voting is not provided for in the bylaws and as such, could not be allowed in this election. Other opinions, including that of William Burghart, Esquire and Rick DeGraw, Political Consultant, indicated that such allowance was not prohibited and that failure to allow for Early Voting would deprive neighbors of their right to vote. Mr. DeGraw had also stated his preference to have all candidates agree to the early voting. It was opined that the date of the election would find many on vacation and as such, limit the participation in this election. This would circumvent all efforts made to promote the election, educate the neighbors and engage participation. A vote was held to determine if Early Voting should be provided for. All members present voted in favor, except Doug Harter who voted against.

The agreed arrangements for Early Voting were decided as follows:
Property owners vote in person at Rick DeGrawís home one vote per property owner (Per the bylaws: Any person owning property in the boundary of the Central and Camelback Neighborhood Association is a voting member). Specific hours will be noticed to the neighbors for the times that Rick will be accepting votes. No exceptions or alternative times will be made. Votes will not be opened until the election. It was recommended that it be possible to separately identify Early Voted ballots and Election Day ballots. Notice of Early Voting to the neighborhood shall be made via US mail, email distribution and Medlockplace.com.

The meeting was adjourned.