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CCNA Board Meeting Minutes
June 7, 2005  
The meeting was called to order.
Jon Douglas
Kerry Moss
Dian Bentinck
Douglas Harter
Marilynne Ransom

Treasurer’s report:
Pending Deposits $ 50.00
Current Balance $6,025.83
This year 37 property owners paid $1,209 in dues.

Light Rail Park and Ride Discussion, led by Barry Wong:
Mr. Wong discussed potential issues with the Park and Ride planned for the south side of Camelback from Central to 7th Avenue. Current planned entrance is on Camelback at 3rd Avenue, with parking spaces being added in phases, eventually covering the area from Central to 7th Avenue. Mr. Wong anticipates that Medlock Place will experience increased traffic on 3rd Avenue as it becomes a main thoroughfare for traffic from Camelback to Missouri. The City is still accepting public comment and suggested that the association write the City to officially register our concern for the current plans. Lyn Bucho suggested that it would be beneficial to have Light Rail representatives present the current plans to the neighborhood association. Lyn Bucho will arrange this to begin at 7:30, after the election, on July 5th.

Traffic Mitigation:
Greg Bonderud was not present to confirm specifics regarding the status of the petitions being circulated for Do Not Enter signs (for entrance from 7th Avenue onto Georgia, Oregon and Colter streets). Jon Douglas indicated he understood that the petition was about 60% complete. Anyone wanting to assist circulating the petitions should contact Greg. Several neighbors questioned the Do Not Enter plan. They were informed of the previous Traffic Mitigation Committee project from which it was decided to proceed with the plan. Streets would remain 2-way, however access from 7th Avenue would be prohibited 24x7.

Anne Grass reported that she was successful in getting a speed hump approved for Oregon (between 21 & 22 West). Installation should occur within the next 4-6 weeks.

Propose Association Name change to Medlock Place from CCNA:
The name change was discussed further and attendees agreed that it would be best to pursue the formality of changing the name instead of using the Also Known As nomenclature.

Block Watch Grant Status:
The last project is proceeding. Additional locations for the 3rd pillar are still being pursued. The majority of the materials have been ordered and some received. All efforts will be made to complete the project by June 30th or shortly thereafter.

Smoke Detector Fund for Seniors:
The mayor’s office is sponsoring a program to provide smoke detectors for senior citizens without the means to purchase themselves. If anyone is aware of a neighbor in need, please let Kerry Moss know.

The election will be held at the next association meeting (July 5th). One hour will be allocated to voting. Lyn Bucho plans to arrange for the Light Rail discussion beginning at 7.30.

Other business:

The meeting was adjourned.