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  By-Laws of the MPNA  

MPNA Board Meeting Minutes
July 20, 2005  
Meeting called to order.

Jon Douglas
Kerry Moss
Dian Bentinck
Anne Grass

New order of meetings
A standard agenda template was presented by Dian (See page 2). The purpose of the template was to provide a structure in which the board could be assured of covering certain agenda items without getting derailed onto other topics first. For that reason, it was discussed that audience participation be limited during the presentation of portions of the agenda, except for the New Business section. Anne requested to be on record for being opposed to anything that would limit audience participation at the meetings.

Under the New Business section it was proposed that specific agenda items be requested two weeks prior to the meeting. Anne expressed concern that 2 weeks was too limiting. On a trial basis, it was agreed that membership could ask for an item to be on the agenda up until the day before the meeting. It is recognized that with short notice, the board may not be able to properly address the item and it will be tabled for the next meeting. Kerry requested to be on record for being opposed to a shortened notice period. Otherwise, attendees were in agreement to implement the agenda. The agreed upon agenda is provided on page 2.

It was also discussed that name tags will be available, as well as sign-in sheets. Any member speaking from the audience will announce their name. Meetings will start promptly at 6.30 pm and conclude at 7.30 pm. Dian will prepare a handout for the next meeting outlining the format of the meeting as well as the protocol for making motions.

Planning Agenda for August 2
Present meeting agenda template and surrounding rules
Member at Large- Invite volunteers, board votes

Sergeant of Arms
To prevent subjects from digressing too much and to promote a respectful meeting, a Sergeant of Arms was suggested. This person (a neutral third party) would be responsible for interceding and correcting diversions from the agenda and out of order conduct.

Resignation of JB
JB Runyon is resigning as a Member at Large. The bylaws provide that the board is responsible to appoint successors to resigned positions. Sheridan Bailey was suggested by Jon, Kerry and Dian as he had made his desire to be contributor to the board known by his write-in candidacy for Treasurer at the election. However, it was agreed that the attendees at the August meeting be give an opportunity to volunteer for the board’s consideration. JB’s resignation will become effective at the time a new Member at Large is appointed.

Address Change
Anne’s address will be used for bank account and related correspondence. Dian’s address will be the address of record for all other matters. Dian and Anne will pursue the steps necessary to complete the name change (CCNA to MPNA).

Accounting Procedures
A full report of the treasury transactions (expenses, deposits and balance) will be presented by Anne at the meetings. It was suggested that hard copies be available for the membership. Anne will provide Jon with a list of the names, addresses and amounts of all dues payments for 2005.

Jon appointing traffic committee
Greg is still working on the petitions for do not enter signs. Anne requested that we be sure that Greg be present at the next meeting to provide statistics regarding the petitions. If Greg cannot be there, he will provide the info for a stand-in to present.

Jon appointing bylaws committee
JB is the committee chair and has the following additional committee members: A Davidon, L Morrow, D Bentinck, B Burghart. L Bucho has agreed to be available to answer questions regarding the current bylaws.

Meeting adjourned.

I. Call to Order (Jon)
II. Reading of the Minutes (Dian/Secretary)
III. Treasurer’s Report (Anne)
IV. Committee Reports (e.g., Traffic, Home Tour, Block Watch Grant)
V. Old Business (continue topics that were tabled in the last meeting)
VI. New Business (topics not covered above- membership must submit all agenda requests in writing no later than the day prior to meeting)
VII. Announcements (including date and time of next meeting)
VIII. Adjournment