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  By-Laws of the MPNA  

MPNA Board Meeting Minutes
July 3, 2005  
The meeting was called to order.
Jon Douglas
Marilynne Ransom
Kerry Moss
Dian Bentinck

Voting Issues

Definition of Property Owner
The current bylaws were inherited from the original ‘administration’. Since there had previously never been any contest for any Board positions and the Board and association had harmoniously existed, the bylaws had never been challenged nor enforced to the letter. There remain various definitions of ‘property owner’. While the bylaws do not specify in detail, a correspondence to association members (on behalf of the Board) indicated that votes were allowed ‘per deed’. The intent was to indicate, for instance, that husband and wife would each receive one vote. It did not consider various personal arrangements regarding property ownership. However, the Board has studied the literal interpretation of both the bylaws and the correspondence. Assuming that each person who is an owner of a property is due a vote, more liberal interpretations have been applied and are described in the Voting, Election and Tabulation Procedures.

Lastly, the individuals referenced by a correspondence from an association member have provided copies of deeds in conformance with the ‘per/according to the’ deed interpretation.

Number of votes allowed per Property Owner
While the Board has publicly discussed the interpretation that there only be one vote per owner, regardless of the number of properties owned, the Board has reviewed the question again. A motion was made to interpret the bylaws in favor of persons who own more than one property. It was unanimously approved. The Voting, Election and Tabulation Procedures will be updated to reflect that individuals shall be entitled to one vote for each property they own.

Number of votes per Property
Previous elections have not screened voters to ensure that no property is given more than one vote. The Board believes that the most conservative approach is to let precedent govern this election. However, this issue should be further explored in the planned bylaws review.

Balloting and Tabulation Procedures
The current procedures were reviewed by the Board. They were approved with the modification to permit a resident to cast a ballot for each property they own. See attachment (

Election Meeting Agenda and Protocol
The following agenda was approved for the July 5th Meeting:

Agenda / Order of Meeting
• Call to Order (Jon, then immediately introduce Secretary)
• Reading of Agenda (Secretary)

• Voting Rules (Rick or Secretary)
• Call for nominations for write-in candidates
• Voting (ends at 7.30 pm)
• Collection of ballots (committee goes offsite for tabulation)
• President’s message
• Treasurer’s report
• Announce May and June Minutes available
• Comments from the floor
• Election results

Adjourn July 5 meeting

The meeting was adjourned.

Voting and Tabulation Committee
• Dian Bentinck, Secretary & Committee Chairperson
• Rick DeGraw - duties: ballot preparation, Early Voting Poll, Election night poll steward, tabulation
• Everett Dilley — duties: Election night poll steward
• Bob Weflen — duties: Election night poll steward

Draft ballots were circulated for comment and comments were incorporated for the final version. Ballot portions will be coded so we can reassemble the votes in the event of some controversy.

Early Voting will be held, strictly within the following schedule:
• Weds. 6/29 5-8pm
• Thursday 6/30 5-8pm
• Friday 7/1 3-5pm
at 127 W Georgia Avenue
All ballots early voted will be collected in an envelope; no ballots will be opened until after the regular election

Regular Voting will be conducted July 5th, 6:30-7.30pm
at Mt. Calvary Church, 5105 N 7th Avenue.
All unused ballots will be destroyed as of 7.31 pm.
Voters in progress at 7.30 may continue completing their ballot until 7.40 pm

• Each property owner is allowed one vote per property owned.
• Votes are not limited to one per property: if there is more than one owner of a property, each may vote (vis-à-vis normal elections)
• A proper ballot must contain name, address. It is not necessary to vote for every position.
• No talking is allowed in voting area.
• No campaigning of any kind within 100 yards of the election site.

Examples of Property Owners for purposes of voting are:
• husband and wife
• unmarried couples with personal agreements regarding property ownership
• Seniors whose children own the homes for estate planning or other similar requirements
• individuals, whose homes are held in the name of a trust

Examples of invalid status are:
• renters/lessees
• room mates

Offsite Validation and Tabulation

Ballots will be scanned for duplicates and other questionable/discrepant information.
• These will be set aside for further review and decision
• Duplicate ballots and those with discrepancies

Early Ballots for individuals owning more than one property will be set aside. If the owner only cast 1 early ballot, their ballot will be duplicated to provide their second vote.

Discrepant ballots are those
1. with unknown identity of voter/uncertain ownership
2. improperly completed according to the ballot instructions

Attempts will be made to validate ballots in case #1 above. Validated ballots will be added to the uncounted ballots.
In the case of ballots that cannot be validated, they will be placed in an envelope and not counted.
Cut the bottom off the ballot to separate the name from the vote.
Count the votes - 2 independent counts, cross checking results.

Both the ballots and the name portions are kept for several weeks. If there is a challenge, the ballots and names can be checked without revealing how people voted
After 3 weeks, ballots and related voting materials are destroyed.