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CCNA Board Meeting Minutes
July 6, 2004  
The meeting was called to order. Board members present were Kerry Moss, Doug Harter, Dian Bentinck, JB Runyon, Trini Jackson and Greg Bonderud. About 50 or more residents also attended.

June’s meeting minutes were not approved.

Traffic Mitigation
The majority of the meeting was turned over to City Officials (including Leticia Vargas, Traffic Engineer; Tom Simplot, Councilman) to describe the history of traffic mitigation, current plans and guidelines for approaching future projects. The neighborhood turnout (about 50) and participation in the meeting was outstanding. Major points from the meeting include:
• The City will assist the neighborhood in future, more comprehensive traffic studies.
• The City supports our efforts to minimize traffic and will be aggressive in its efforts to assist with funding.
• 70% consensus of the area is required to proceed with mitigation devices- (definition of area depends on the type of mitigation device being considered).
• In some cases, based on overwhelming area support, the guideline recommending 4-corners support may be waived.
• City will assist the neighborhood with information campaigns to keep the neighbors informed.
• The majority of the residents, if not all, agree that the neighborhood needs a plan for traffic mitigation.
• A neighborhood committee with 1-2 representatives per street will be formed. They will meet on a bi-monthly basis to brainstorm on ideas and develop a master plan, with some options. Greg Bonderud heads this committee and a list of neighbors volunteering for the committee was drawn at the conclusion of the meeting.

The Block Watch grant applications were evaluated and the CCNA application was approved and fully funded. We can now begin implementing the items approved.

The meeting was adjourned.