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MPNA Board Meeting Minutes
July 7, 2010
Medlock Place Neighborhood Association Board Meeting
Present: Bruce Bilbrey, President; Doug Harter, Treasurer; Bobbie Chinsky, Secretary; Kerry Moss, Member at Large; JB Runyon, Member at Large.

Board Minutes:
Minutes of the April 28, 2010, Board Meeting were approved as written. Minutes of the June 1, 2010 Community Meeting were approved as amended. Both will now be published on Medlock.com.

Treasurerís Report:
As of June 30, 2010 the MPNA Account contains $6366.63. Three checks were written for items related to the community meetings: Revision of signage, paper plates, and use of the Valley Lutheran High School classroom for 2010.

Tracy Tepper’s Resignation & Transition of MPNA Presidency to Bruce Bilbrey
Tracy Tepper resigned as Board President, effective June 7, 2010. Her resignation was regretfully accepted by the Board. As per the MPNA by-laws, Bruce Bilbrey, then Board Vice-President, will serve out the remainder of Tracy’s term. Necessary actions to transfer Board responsibilities from Tracy to Bruce were discussed.

Code of Conduct
A draft of the proposed meeting code of conduct was reviewed and revised. Further modification may take place to assure consistency with the code of conduct of our host facility, the Valley Lutheran High Schools. The draft will have legal review before it is presented to the neighborhood.

Historic Preservation:
Federal Register: Construction has begun which may take another Medlock Place home off of the federal historic register has begun.

Central Market: Awaiting permits, opening is projected for late fall.

Pierson Place: Homes have been sold on Mariposa, one to live in, 1 for an art studio, one for the lot, and one to renovate. The Park and Ride has been modified and Pierson Place residents and the city are continuing to dialogue.

Beefeaters: The former restaurant has been purchased. The new owners will seek input from the community. They plan to subdivide the existing building. The concept plan for the site will be shared with the MPNA community.

Neighborhood Crime/Safety:
Block Watch: There has been a small rash of break-ins north of Bethany Home Road in Rancho Solano. Arcadia has had a dozen burglaries in the past 2 months.

Solicitators: An ordinance is being reviewed by the City Attorney’s office. Non-profits are exempted e.g. girl scouts and boy scouts. The goal is to have a draft by year end.

Metal Signs:
Signs were updated and distributed prior to the June 1 community meeting.

Status Update of 4/28/2010 Meeting Tasks to be completed:
Compilation of changes to the By-laws approved at Association meetings is in progress. (Bruce)

Two streets, Medlock and Missouri, remain unrepresented.

Electronic Newsletter

New Business:
Mail received: Letter from Councilman DiCiccio. No response will be made.

Mail received: Windsor Square Newsletter. The newsletter is available online.

Next Board Meeting and Adjournment:
The next Board meeting is tentatively scheduled for September.

The semi-annual MPNA Community Meeting is on December 7, 2010.

Respectfully Submitted
Bobbie Chinsky, Secretary