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CCNA Board Meeting Minutes
August 5, 2003  
Tom Simplot and Jessica Florez attended to speak briefly about their candidacy for City Council.

The meeting was called to order. Those present were Jon Douglas, Kerry Moss, Doug Harter, Holly Lorka, Lynn Morrow, JB Runyon, and Greg Bonderud. The minutes from the last meeting were read and were accepted with minor changes. The treasurer's report was presented by Doug Harter. There is currently $2765.92 in the treasury.

Neighborhood Patrol: Officer Shannon Mayhugh from Phoenix Police was in attendance. She is a community action officer that works with neighborhood patrol. She spoke about the neighborhood patrol program, and ways to maximize safety and security for homeowners. The next neighborhood patrol class is Sept. 20th at Phoenix Baptist Church. We need at least one more person (Nancy Bennett has already attended) to attend this class to begin patrol. We need a two-person patrol for the first 100 hours. Nancy Bennett will write an article for the next newsletter to discuss this.

Diverter: A report was given by Greg Bonderud. The 90 day trial for the diverter is over. Speed and volume tests have been done. Greg and Leticia Vargas will write parallel newsletters for the neighborhood to explain the findings and present design ideas. Petitions will again be circulated, and will require 70% approval to go ahead with permanent diverter construction. Funding for the diverter has been approved for its placement at 3rd Ave and Colter. Some residents expressed their concerns about increasing traffic in other parts of the neighborhood with the placement of the diverter. They were also concerned that the traffic tests were done in the summer, when volume is lower. Members of the board reiterated that the City of Phoenix will place a traffic light at 3rd Ave and Camelback, and that we need to move forward with the diverter while the funding is there. Greg suggested that a new traffic count be completed in September.

Newsletter Articles: Kerry Moss had no report. Holly Lorka proposed a neighborhood block sale and party to be held in October. A brief mention of this will be made in the next newsletter.

Light Rail: There will be a meeting Tuedsay August 12th from 5:30-7:30 pm at the Library to discuss design. All were encouraged to attend.

Fund Raising: The board discussed the lack of success in collecting dues. Corporate sponsorship is where most of our funds are coming from. The board voted 7-2 in favor of thanking residents by house number in the next newsletter.

Entry Pillars: The board discussed the need for signage along Central Ave. Jon Douglas proposed a design for entry pillars with the name "Medlock Place" depicted on them.