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  By-Laws of the MPNA  

MPNA Board Meeting Minutes
August 1, 2006  
I. Call to Order & Introduction (Sheridan)
The meeting was called to order at 6:35

Board Attendance:
Sheridan Bailey
Kerry Moss
Anu LoVecchio
Terri Schouten
JB Runyon

II. Reading of the Minutes (Anu)
Minutes were not available and were not read for June 06, 2006

III. Treasurer’s Report (Sheridan)
Starting Balance (06-06-2006) $6,062.85
Income: $80.00
Expenses: $59.38
Ending Balance (07-31-06) $6,083.47
The Treasurer’s Report was approved

IV. Board Only Vote
Terri Schouten was nominated and voted in as a Member at Large.

V. Committee Reports (Kerry)
Kerry discussed the previous meeting with the State Historic Preservation Office and if all contributing properties submitted their tax incentive application.

VI. New Business (topics not covered above- membership must submit all agenda requests in writing no later than the day prior to meeting)
Terri Schouten was appointed the Light Rail liaison for our neighborhood. Any questions/concerns regarding Light Rail issues may be directed to Terri Schouten at (602) 265-0710.

Kerry discussed making a voluntary contribution to the Lutheran High School for their generosity in allowing the Association to use their facilities to conduct meetings. A motion was made and the Association unanimously approved to donate the sum of three hundred dollars to the Lutheran High School.

VII. Bylaw Review
Sheridian discussed revisions of the draft by-laws. Section 4 was redrafted as follows:
A. Following its election, the Executive Board shall determine its meeting schedule for the year and it shall notify the membership of same either at the annual meeting or promptly thereafter. Monthly meetings are customary but not mandatory.
B. The Executive Board shall also meet upon the call of the President or the Secretary, or otherwise as may be determined by the Executive Board.
C. All meetings of the Executive Board shall be open to the membership, but participation may be limited to Board members only at the discretion of the Board. Nothing herein shall preclude the members of the Board from meeting informally on an ad hoc basis, where no formal action is taken, except as provided in D below.
D. The Executive Board may take any urgent action it deems necessary in the absence of a meeting by obtaining written approval of a majority of the Board. Any action so taken shall have the same effect as though it had been taken at a meeting of Directors, provided that such action shall be placed on the agenda of the next scheduled meeting of the Board for review or further action if necessary, all in accordance with Article IV, Section 2.

VIII. Announcements
Elections for the Board will be held September 12, 2006, after the monthly association meeting, thus far, candidates are as follows:
President: Sheridan Bailey
Vice President: Kerry Moss
Secretary: Anu LoVecchio
Treasurer: Doug Harter
Members at Large: BJ Dines, JB Runyon and Terri Schouten
There will be no early elections. Provisions will be made to transport the elderly/disabled to the election site.

VII. Adjournment
Meeting adjourned at 7:36.