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  By-Laws of the MPNA  

MPNA Board Meeting Minutes
August 2, 2005  
Meeting called to order.

J Douglas
K Moss
Dian Bentinck
A Grass
S Algar
M Ransom
12 neighbors also attended.

The July 2nd minutes were amended as follows:
Strike “Despite the motion being out of order” first paragraph
Strike “It was explained….greater participation in the election” para 1, page 2.
The minutes were approved as amended

Treasurer’s Report:
Copies were available for the assembly.

Committee Reports:

Traffic (Greg Bonderud)
About 100 signatures have been collected for the Do Not Enter signs for Colter, Oregon, Georgia and Vermont. This is about 40% of what is needed (about 215 single family homes in the petition boundary). Petitions must be turned in by October 1. Greg also stated that a new committee for traffic should be appointed. Greg stated that there are a number of residents that have not been contacted due to timing issues (vacation, not home, etc.). Of those residents opposing, Greg believes the primary resistance to the petitions is resistance to change.

Greg stated that the Do Not Enter signs are a low cost option for traffic mitigation. From the traffic committee formed about six months ago, they were the most favored option recommended by the committee and approved by vote. If they are determined to be ineffective, they can be removed. Some attendees opined that the signs would have little impact as people would disobey. Greg cited that the fines can be about $300 and believes the majority of people would comply. Greg also provided some other information: 70% of the cut through traffic comes from the west; the City has encouraged MPNA to come up with solutions prior to the implementation of light rail.
The position of the Church/School was questioned. Greg and Jon stated that the church/school is now supportive of measures to prevent cut through traffic.

Hector Salvatierra stated that there are 2 factors: 1) frequency of cars and 2) severity of speed. He believes that speed is the major issue and recommends consideration of a speed detection device to shift the focus to speeding.

Discussion was had regarding the benefit of and need for the signs and if residents not living on Colter, Oregon, Georgia or Vermont would be adversely affected by signing the petitions. Sheridan Bailey requested support from neighbors not living on Colter, Oregon, Georgia and Vermont to help the rest of the neighborhood. Greg Bonderud to provide corroborating traffic data to Simon Algar and Hector Salvatierra to assist in their assessment of the need and the affect of the Do Not Enter Signs.

Anne Grass stated that if we could do a trial, there may be support. Some neighbors may fear agreeing to this change which may have unknown negative consequences and then being unable to reverse the decision.

Judy Bailey moved to accept the committee’s recommendation and continue with the petitions. The motion was seconded and all persons in attendance voted in favor of the motion.

Home Tour (Kerry Moss)
For reasons including safety and advertising, it has been decided that Windsor Square and Medlock Place will not combine homes for a single tour. Medlock Place’s tour is tentatively planned for Fall 2006 or Spring 2007. It is planned to have about 8 homes and 3-4 gardens to tour. Anyone wanting to volunteer their home for the tour should contact Kerry. Kerry is also directly recruiting homes for the tour. Kerry stated that based on other tours, it could be possible to earn $6-7K for the neighborhood.

Block Watch Grant: 2004-5 (Dian Bentinck); 2005-6 (Anne Grass)
The 2004-5 Block Watch Grant Projects have been completed. The funds provided by the City were completely used. There were some excess costs related to the entrance pillars that were borne by the MPNA treasury. Except for the invoice for the welding of the signs to the pillars, all invoices have been received and paid.

MPNA received about $2800 for meeting signage and newsletter expenses. The signs have been procured and were used to notify neighbors of this meeting. The location of the signage will be further evaluated.

Bylaw Committee
JB Runyon has resigned from chairing this committee. He stands as a member. Dian Bentinck will chair this committee. Rick DeGraw recommended that when drafts of the revised bylaws are available, that they be distributed as broadly as possible to assist in gaining buy-in from the neighbors.

New Business

Meeting agenda template and surrounding rules
The agenda template and surrounding rules were presented and discussed.

Member at Large
JB Runyon’s retirement from this position was announced. Members of the assembly were invited to volunteer for the position. No one volunteered. Sheridan Bailey was unanimously approved for the position.

Rick DeGraw announced that there is a new irrigator for the Aldrich Place Irrigation Association.

The next meeting shall be September 6, 6.30 pm, Mt. Calvary Church.

Meeting adjourned.