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MPNA Board Meeting Minutes
September 1, 2009  
President Bruce Bilbrey called the meeting to order.

Old Business -- There was not much news about activities in the neighborhood over the summer, but we were able to convince Neighborhood Services to help us get the abandoned building torn down on 3rd Avenue and Camelback. Councilman Simplotís office was helpful in making sure that burned building was torn down.

Treasurer Report Ė Doug Harter was not present. According to President the amount in the bank is $7,050.00

Zoning issues Ė Rick DeGraw. There were no new proposals after the 400 foot high issue at Central and Camelback. OmniNetís financing fell through and with the market what it is right now, it is not likely that high rises would be being built. Councilman Simplot said Reed Butler might do something at that corner. The idea was that parking for the light rail would be a good idea for that corner for now. Councilman Simplot thought that might be a good idea.

Bruce: I have heard rumors that once KTAR moves out that the building on Georgia it might change to a multi-story building.

Rick: The zoning for that building allows for 4 stories which is 56 feet. Parking has been a problem there and unfortunately there is no place for them to expand. The building now is under parked for two stories. So tenants need under building parking. The good news is that there is no money for new office space development. There is more than two million square feet of office space available right now.

Postinos bought the strip center across from them on Central and it may become a restaurant strip. It wasnít clear if it was the same owners or others.

Historic Preservation Ė Kerry Moss The Schoutenís havenít had a chance to meet with SHPO. We need to send a letter to historic preservation and be sure they are all working together with the State.

Bruce: I think we should approach Simplotís office to facilitate a meeting between the City, State and neighborhoods. The City has different standards for a historic home and when the application goes to the state the home could be out of compliance with the national historic preservation standards.

Kerry: They are doing a major renovation of their home and there was a lot of work put into the design to see if it would work under the historic preservation guidelines. The City put more requirements on the project and they made changes they thought would be satisfactory. The City doesnít have the same guidelines and standards as the State. We need to know in advance if the design is not satisfactory with the State so the neighborhood can determine whether they will support the projects or not. They have beautiful drawings, met with the city, met with the neighborhood and everyone thought it would be ok, but that did not happen.

Hector: How many homes do we have to lose to get delisted as a historic neighborhood?

Bruce: The last numbers we had we had a margin, but we should get a better process in place. The city and the state are on different pages.

Terri Schouten - we have not gone to the state to fight their judgment. We have the architectural plans done. And we donít even have a building permit. It is all in the matter of how the guidelines are interpreted and they are really open to dispute. We will dispute their judgment.

Bruce: the real goal is to get the city and the state office willing to jointly meet with customers and neighborhood groups to have a more open discussion on the issue.

Terri - The City and the State play each other as bad guys. It is a good idea to do that.

Bruce: We need to get a letter to Simplot to sponsor and facilitate a meeting with our neighborhood or other neighborhoods regarding historic preservation guidelines.

Hector : Could we keep this front and center as we will lose thousands if we lose any more homes?

Bruce: after this meeting we can work on getting this neighborhood and City and State meeting going.

Light Rail Report – Rick. They are expanding the light rail by 100 parking spots at the station. They have had complaints about the nighttime use. People donít feel safe parking down Camelback.

Bruce: Tracy has been working on traffic issues. They are circulating a petition to get enough signatures so they can talk to the city about traffic on Pasadena. They are getting cut through parking down Pasadena to Camelback. We are due a report from the City of Phoenix traffic division. They were supposed to redo the 3rd Ave. report. They were responsive last year, but now they will not produce anything. I will send a notice to Simplotís office to nudge them to get the traffic information. Light rail sign is too close to Pasadena and it needs to be moved down closer to Camelback.

Crime/Neighborhood Watch Grant The grant has been finished and submitted. Driveway monitors are being used by neighborhood, security gates and locks are installed. Alleys are cleaned out. Just have one more chain link section to install. We received a letter from City regarding the review of the final use of the grant.

Lisa Brown: Design Tree Maintenance came out and cut the oleanders back, treated them.

Rick DeGraw: We cut down about two thirds of the oleanders and the growth at the bottom and treated them. I had them cut down and hauled away. They are incredibly healthy now. They said they would treat them again at no cost to me. The proper way to deal with the oleander issue is to cut them down to about two feet. Trees at my house were about 20-30 feet high and my guys spent four days taking them down on one side of the house. The pink are not as susceptible to the blight as the white.

Kerry Moss: I make a recommendation that we make new meeting signs and get one volunteer to put the signs out. It would be better we could gather them up and update the information on them and get a volunteer to put them out. The signs to be collected up and reprinted.

Bruce: Informally tonight we will open the nominations for the elections for Board members. We need three volunteers who are not board members to receive and accept the nominations. That is the next major order of business. Ellen and I will not be on the Board next year. I am going to work hard to get some new people in and new board members. New blood is always good.

JB: We still have the continuity problems. The next time we change the bylaws we need the past president to stay on as a past president.

Bruce: Also it would be good to stagger the terms of the President and the Vice President. We had little to start with a good database, bylaws are streamlined, meetings are more streamlined and I can work with someone to get them well oriented. It is a good time for me to leave the Presidentís job as there are no critical issues that will be dropped onto someone else. The investment property on 5th avenue is owned by a restaurant business and they stop by once a month and pick up newspapers and put the trash out. They stopped getting irrigation. They keep it up to the minimum standards. What is the address? We need a motion to close the meeting.

Rick: I make a motion to adjourn the meeting. Second: Hector. Unanimous yes vote.