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MPNA Board Meeting Minutes
September 18, 2007  
Medlock Place Neighborhood Association Meeting September 18, 2007

Sheridan Bailey, President called the meeting to order at 6:30 pm
Paper was passed around for names of attendees (20)

List of items on agenda: Report from Ellen - Blockwatch
Ellen - I have purchased the camera for the neighborhood for a few purposes:
Tracking graffiti, the ID program, historic homes project
Problems in the neighborhood to fix. The price was only $149
And not the $300 estimated in the grant. Good deal at Ritz Camera.
I have purchased the paint and stencils for the curb numbers. Everyone
Should have a number on the curb so the police/fire can find their
homes quickly.
The mailbox is at the UPS store next to AJS. All mail should be directed
To the new mail location.
I have started the process to get the two lights in the alleys behind Pasadena
and Medlock Not sure how long this will take to get Streets to respond.
I purchased a dremel tool for the ID program with special small bits for engraving on harder objects. The City is getting in touch with meregarding Operation ID. Phoenix does not run that national program to track stolen goods. The database for serial numbers for stolen items is only a Maricopa County database, so if a criminal sells items out of the County to a pawn shop, they can’t be tracked. I will use the National Program and put driver’s license numbers on items which can be tracked nationwide. Pawn shop detail will come to our event for blockwatch this spring. A brochure will be developed for this program.

Rick - Development, Terry -Light Rail.
Slate of candidates..
Doug Harter - Treasurer Report $5985.54
2 checks not deposited $75
Contribution was made this month for the use of this facility for the
Meetings -- $300.00 to the Lutheran Church.
Treasurer’s report accepted. Motion made by Rick seconded by Bruce

Terry Scouten…Light Rail

A good majority of the activity now is on 19th Ave. Camelback is clearing up as they complete different areas. They are continuing to pave down most of Camelback. They are moving the traffic over and getting business access. Contractors are putting in sewer and the 3rd party contractors are really getting involved in the 19th Ave. section.
Once utilities are in then the telephone poles can come down and the paving has to get done. 19th Avenue is right on schedule. If you have a business on 19th avenue or there could be disruptions with Internet connections.

Rick - OmniNet Development
There is stuff on the Internet about the financial backer of OmniNet as it relates to his personal life and his partners. This is not our concern in regard to the development.

This project doesn’t want to go away. It has been put on hold 3 times by the City of Phoenix and there will be a new meeting on October 2 with the same 25 stories. The developer was directed to work with the neighborhoods and they came here in June. The July hearing was postponed. One person from our neighborhood will testify for the development and Rick will testify against it.

The project hasn’t changed in size or traffic flow or the amount of cars it will generate but a study that was done by the city four years ago that said they won’t interfere with traffic adding 1100 car trips a day. Most cars will be going through first street and Camelback. “I have talked to 4 council members against it but don’t know about the rest. I hope that it will be not be postponed but defeated. It means we have to go through the process each time. They said they were in contact with all 4 neighborhood associations. Sheridan said that he had not been contacted by the developer.
This developer owns 2 highrise plots north of the canel and south of camelback and they are scheduled for approval. He will ask for 35 stories on the west side if he gets 25 stories on the right side.

It could mean they would build eight or nine high rises 25 stories or more from the canal to Camelback. It will be a canyon. I assume there is no change in our neighborhood position and that we oppose the plans as they are.

Sheridan - There has been no discussion since the last vote and our letter was sent in opposition of the project. There was a meeting with Omninet - This was an informal meeting where you could talk to everybody. The issues we brought up again and the developer says that there is a study saying the traffic won’t be a problem and that the setbacks are not a problem.

There will be condos starting at $600,000 and supposedly they will be riding light rail. Those are the answers that are coming up to the concerns we raised.
You probably know that St. Frances and Pierson individuals have both voted in favor of it but there are some people in those neighborhoods who are not in favor of it.
There are some people that have land that their land with greatly increase in value.
I am not sure where the support is coming from. No reason.
St. Frances Side - if the city allows him, he will make both streets cul de sacs. You won’t be able to go through the neighborhood up 1st Street.
That is only if the city allows that to happen. The city would have to approve all that traffic going up 5th street. I can’t see the city doing that either.
Does St. Frances have a position on this? Rick - No

Ann Grass - I am concerned that our neighborhood association takes a stand and you only have this many people at the meeting.

Rick - the problem is there is no other process. The developer should be canvassing the neighborhood. They did that on 44th Street. We asked the developer to hold off on any planning so the staff could plan that corner on Central/Camelback.
But now the area is being planned on a piecemeal basis..one plot at a time.

I don’t even know if I oppose 25 stories but why put it up on a tiny piece of property and then have a whole row of those.

Sheridan - I wasn’t aware that the neighborhood opposed it per se, but that there would be an impact to traffic flows here, what were the alternatives to the way it was to be developed, the setback issues, the green space in front of the building and that there was a couple of points I don’t recall.. height issue, I believe.

I would encourage the developer to be proactive and that we would be receptive to them being proactive and apparently that is not happening. The position that we took in the letter we suggested cited the issues of concern. We are not opposed to the developer but that the process was not being managed in our interest. The position of the Board is that until those issues are faced and dealt with, we would oppose the development. We didn’t have just a kneejerk reaction to the potential development. I am hearing and advocating a position of reasonableness about that.

The Board said there was no communication with these developers, But Omninet had some meetings and some people went such as: BJ Dines, Kerry Moss. There were three
meetings. One person attended one and two attended two meetings. \There was no commitments made by those people and no communications.

Rick - It is not the individual’s responsibility to do this, it is the developers job.
I have met with Larry Lazarus and talked to him about it and he said the St. Frances and Pierson wanted the development. Larry is a nice guy and I have worked with him for years. Unless they plan the area from the canal to Camelback then it will be a mismash of highrises.

Reggie - How can you be supportive of the West side development and not this?

Rick - Reed Butler laid out all the plans, he went to the Pierson neighborhood and ours.

Reggie - we were told light rail is a slam dunk and now Las Vegas is going to tear theirs down. You said it would be successful.

Sheridan - Reggie we were talking about this development right now.

Sheridan - The Board passed a resolution to write a letter about the development and we did that. We did not have any other discussions on this. We appointed Rick to represent us to the developers. We have had a problem with getting minutes about all this.

Rick - I think you are absolutely correct, even though I represent this neighborhood association I can’t take a position more than that and I can’t take any more on that issue.

The decisions were to be made by the Board and I was appointed to act as a liaison.

Hector - Is that presently zoned to 2 stories?
Rick - yes

Hector - If the city council passed that resolution is this what is going forward.

Rick - When they passed that resolution in 1996 they said it would be a step down from the canal to Camelback, they didn’t rezone, but the overlay would be lower. They are saying 25 stories south of the canal, not towards Camelback. No one has put it in any specific language.

Hector - There is nothing documenting what the city says?
Maybe we need a resolution that the city stick to the 1986 overlay that the city passed.

They have done a transit overlay of 3 blocks of the light rail that allows for other types of overlay that didn’t address height but it did. No one went back and changed or redo the language.

Hector - you are proposing that the board should elaborate its position to insist upon the specific step down of what is required?

Hector - The city should still be bound by the 1986 overlay.

Rick - I don’t think the city cares, development is a hot item along the light rail.

Bruce - it sounds to me like the position the neighborhoods may be taking is that if it is inevitable that there will be highrise, our position should be to fight out each development to minimize the damage. We are not strictly opposed to this development, but if we just let the chips fall where they may, the process will keep going along. If it is inevitable we should minimize the impact.

Rick - I said you can’t do this because of the 1986 overlay. I finally got to the position about what our letter said that the Council should put a hold on the project and plan that whole area. Do some real planning along Camelback.

Sheridan - In regard to the four votes that we have in opposition of the vote…Are they in favor of planning as long as the city doesn’t have to spend any money? Do they need staffing to help planning or are they not in favor of that? We are basically back to square one if the developer does not have an interest to planned approach. They are not being responsive.

Rick - Omninet said, “we will give you the money to plan it if we can get our building approved,” This isn’t what was needed because the building would then be approved.

Sheridan - Other neighborhoods have concerns but nothing has happened. I am aware that there were conversations on what will happen.

Rick - October hearing - I will present a position for the neighborhood which covers the issues pretty well and I know Windsor Square will oppose the development. I am meeting with City Councilmen and the Mayor.

Hector - is one of the four points a strong admonition to change what happened in 1986.
City Council is making this in 1986. “I want to make a motion that Rick pursue vigorously the plan put forth that there should be a step down in height.”

Hector - The City council said it then, the city council should keep that stand now.

Rick - It is not ordinance so it doesn’t go that far. It is more like a strong statement, a plan.

Lynn - We should move that we require the adherence to the 1986 Phoenix General Plan including step down height provisions on Central Avenue North from the canal to Camelback.

JB - Was the general plan binding?

Rick - It was printed by the City and given to the staff to implement the plan. It was a good plan.

Rick - I plan to be thin too someday.

Sheridan - This neighborhood association directs Rick DeGraw to inform the City Council that we desire the adherence to the step down height provisions on Central Avenue from the canal to Camelback as provided in the 1986 Phoenix General Plan.

Lynn - make a motion.

Hector made the motion.

Sheridan - all in favor - acclimation, no opposition. Show of hands.

Reggie - We spent money to put up the bulletin boards to get information about the election. Why do we have these bulletin boards if you don’t even put up who has been elected?

Sheridan - It has been posted on the neighborhood website.

Reggie - The bulletin boards are for the community.. Why are they there?

Sheridan - a more relevant question would be who takes responsibility for what is posted on the board. Was there a reason why it wasn’t posted? I have been remiss for not seeing to it that someone posted this late on those billboards. There is a failure of the mechanism.

Reggie - Who would be normally be putting those up and has the keys?

Rick - I will take responsibility for that.

Reggie - We have them and have not made use of them.

Sheridan - What Ellen and has been doing is wonderful and hopefully the new group will be doing a better job.

Sheridan - As a matter about the balloting. I will be passing out the ballots and if there are no write ins, we will go to the paper ballots we will go to the slate and vote on voice vote. I am passing out the ballots so it is clear who is running for which
If you want a ballot with the correct spelling of names, here it is.

Reggie . what about write ins.

Sheridan - If there are write in candidates then we have to do a paper ballot?
Is there anyone that has a write in- none.
Then this is just an information piece.

Rick - Mr. Chairman - if you would ask for write-in candidates 3 times then we
will be following Roberts Rule of Order.

Sheridan - we are voting for one president, one nominee, one VP - no nominee, one
Sec. No nominee, Treasure - no nominees - Four members at large - 4 nominees.
No nominees for the commercial liaison.
I would for the second time call for write in candidates?
A third call for write-in candidates?

Rick - Mr. Chairman I make a motion that we approve all people on the ballot.

Second - Lynn

Vote - Slate is elected by acclimation of 19 people in the room. Twenty in the room.

Sheridan - 95% of the entire population.
The new slate of officers are elected and will set the schedule of meetings from here on.
If we have any new business?

JB - how do we get a VP?
Sheridan - the new board will find someone to volunteer.

ANN - Sheridan, I would like to say that you have done a very good job.

Rick - close the meeting
Second - Lynn