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  By-Laws of the MPNA  

MPNA Board Meeting Minutes
September 6, 2005  
Meeting called to order.

Jon Douglas
Kerry Moss
Dian Bentinck
Anne Grass
Simon Algar
Sheridan Bailey
BJ Dines
Marilynne Ransom
21 neighbors also attended.

The August 2nd meeting minutes were approved as read.

Treasurer’s Report:
Report dated 9/6/05 was read and copies provided to the assembly. Anne Grass also queried the assembly to determine how many would be interested to see the treasurer’s report in the newsletter. 9 members raised their hands in agreement.

Committee Reports:

Traffic (Greg Bonderud)
The Do Not Enter sign initiative was discussed. Simon requested to be provided with data that can project the outcome of the signs. Greg said that there is no empirical data. Further, that for such small streets, there are not any sophisticated modeling techniques the City has or uses to predict outcomes of these kinds of measures.

With the Light Rail, there will be 4 lights between Central and 7th Ave on Camelback. It will be possible to turn L from Central onto Camelback and also to turn L from Camelback onto Central.

Bruce Bilbrey recommended getting something done (about cut through traffic) sooner, rather than later.

Jon Douglas has a letter from then Councilman Phil Gordon urging Medlock Place to determine a solution for cut-through traffic.

Greg stated that Do Not Enter (DNE) signs are treated by the City the same as speed bumps, they can be over turned with 70% of the residents opposing via petition. Traffic studies will be done before and after the DNE signs are installed.

Simon requested data to determine the impact of the signs prior to install. Greg stated there was no such data.

Bruce Bilbrey asked if we could get the City to beef up enforcement of the signs for a period of time to make an impression on scofflaws.

It was mentioned that we could request such enforcement.

Simon asked if we could do a 6 month test. Greg explained that there is no ‘test’ for signs. They’re in or out. Another neighbor pointed out that if the majority of people disagreed with the signs (post-installation), it would be much easier to get the necessary support on the petitions. Anne Grass questioned the impact to the neighbors on 3rd and 5th Avenue and the fairness of the initiative. Bruce Bilbrey pointed out that residents tend to be more considerate and safer than cut-thru drivers.

Home Tour (Kerry Moss)
No change since last report.

Block Watch Grant, 2005-6 (Anne Grass)
$2,234.87 balance remains in the account.

Bylaw Committee (Dian Bentinck)
The committee will have a working group (Teir 1) and an advisory group (Tier 2). After ideas have been formulated and discussed by Tier 1, they will be passed to Tier 2 for comment. Consensus on these ideas will then be broadcast to the MPNA for comment.

New Business

Hohnny Mac's: (Kerry Moss)
Johnny Mc’s did not have representation at the meeting. The hearing officer will be advised that Johnny Mc’s was invited to the MPNA meeting but did not attend. The hearing has been postponed until 9/29.

Block Sale: (Kerry/Dian)
October 29th is the day. Neighbors wishing to be listed on the Sale Map should contact Dian @ 602-604-8507 by 10/26.

Charlie’s Liquor License: (John King, owner of Charlie’s)
John provided information about his establishment and his plans. He has been there 21 years and has outdoor patio use permit since 1988. His remodeling plans were made necessary due some of his property being taken for the light rail construction. John considered relocation but could not find and suitable sites. To comply with current regulations his restrooms need to be ADA accessible with requires expansion. He also plans to expand his customer space by about 300 square feet. Overall his establishment will go from 4800 sf to 6000 sf. He plans to clean up the front and side of the property along with his modifications. John brought his building plans for review.

Parking on 5th Avenue: (Anne/Jon)
Anne reported that concern had been expressed about the parking on 5th Av, just north of Missouri. As a result, the City is surveying the area for petition requirements. Anne has been in contact with the Cleaners to see if they could make arrangements to use the church parking lot. She will also check with the city for a permit parking program.

Dues: (BJ)
BJ stated that he felt that a main reason for lack of participation in dues payment is due to communication and neighbors being unaware. Bruce Bilbrey stated that we need to hard sell the issue more to incite some urgency and interest among the residents to pay. BJ also mentioned that it would be nice to create some neighborhood spirit at holidays such as Halloween and Xmas.

Next Meeting October 4, 2005, 6.30 pm. Light Rail personnel will be making a presentation about light rail status and park and ride plans.

Meeting adjournmed.