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  By-Laws of the MPNA  

CCNA Board Meeting Minutes
September 7, 2004  
The meeting was called to order.

Board Member in Attendance:
Jon Douglas
Dian Bentinck
Doug Harter
JB Runyon
Kerry Moss
Greg Bonderud
Board Members Absent:
Trini Jackson
Marilynne Ransom
8 neighbors also attended

Meeting minutes for August were approved.

Treasurer’s Report
An additional $25 in dues was collected, with no expenditures, current balance $5,479,76.

Block Watch Grant Projects
The major projects and their related discussion:
• Block Watch signs- Kerry and Jon to survey to determine locations for block watch signs
• Solar/Motion sensing lights — easements, etc. were surveyed at night to determine the best location for installing the lights. 8 locations were identified and the lights have been ordered. Ellen Bilbrey to contact APS to verify their posts can be used.
• Utility Easement Fencing/Gates — Due to the limited interest in the vendor community, Jon and Kerry requested that the vendor who provided the application grant bid be used to commence installation.
• Entry Pillars/signage — Greg Shouten, a neighborhood architect, has assumed responsibility for the design of the pillars.

Fall Neighborhood Block Sale/Committee
The newsletter will request neighbors interested in selling to ‘RSVP’ to insure there is adequate interest to support the expense and efforts required to organize this again this year.

Historic Home Tour Fall 2005
Kerry Moss is the Committee Chair and is in search of neighbors willing to include their homes and gardens for the tour. The next newsletter will broadcast this solicitation.

Newsletter Articles
Ideas for the next newsletter were requested. Suggestions include, not already mentioned above:
Tax reduction status, Soliciting neighbors for assistance in block watch grant projects, Traffic Mitigation Status, Mosquito Control, and Church Oktoberfest on October 30th

Other miscellaneous news
v Windy City Pawn Shop relocation was defeated, thanks to neighborhood support
v M&I bank building wants to add illuminated signage at the top of their building, attempting to work with neighborhoods to gain support.
v Rosie McCaffrey’s Number 6 liquor license — Kerry provided some background on the license, the pub and the intent of the owner in support of the establishment.
v Mosquito fogging- Neighbors are concerned about the prevalence and danger of mosquitoes. JB recommended the neighborhood further investigate fogging.
v 3rd Avenue speed hump — the hump north of Georgia was removed as one of the petition signers was a tenant and did not inform property owner.

The meeting was adjourned.