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Medlock Place Historic District

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Medlock Place Neighborhood Association

Operation Identification

Operation Identification is a nationwide effort focused at reducing stolen goods through the use of a property engraver to mark personal valuables, making it more difficult for a thief to pawn the items. This program also increases the chances of stolen property being returned to its rightful owner if located by the police.

Fill out the Inventory Form and file in a safe deposit box. Keep another copy hidden in your home paperwork.

• Purchase an engraver at any hardware store or you may borrow one from the Medlock Neighborhood Association at 602-279-1406.

• Mark your valuables in two places, one obvious and one hidden, using your Arizona Driver’s License Number (if it is not your Social Security Number) or state identification. An identification engraving should look like this: L123456/AZ/94 (license number/state/expiration year).

• Along with marking your valuables, it is also important to take photographs or make a video of your personal belongings. Such items as silver, coin or stamp collections and jewelry that cannot be engraved should definitely be photographed. And do not forget to sign and date the backs of the photographs to assist in proving ownership.

• Make a written list of all of your property that is marked and/or photographed along with its estimated value and/or attach the items receipt. Also, copy all serial numbers from the products onto an Inventory List and place it in a safety deposit box or safe.

You can get started right now!
Instructions & printable forms to help you organize your valuables for marked identification. [MSWord file; 59kb]

Call 602-279-1406 for more information on how you can participate. The more people who participate in our neighborhood program, the less likely Medlock Place will be targeted by burglars.