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Neighborly Ordinances

Occasionally the out-of-bounds or annoying happen and you want to know what the rules are. Well, here are various statutes and ordinances regarding some sporadic neighborhood issues.

From time to time, these laws change. We'll try to keep up with them, but if you're seriously interested, please check the sources listed to the right.

This and our other 'ordinance' pages were last modified on 5.18.2004.

Animals & Dogs: Who's not really welcome to stay in your home and who's supposed to be leashed when they're out - and quiet when I'm taking a nap. [Phoenix City Ordinances]

Disturbing Noises: What? Speak up. Oh, you say your doors and windows are closed and you can still hear Paul Harvey tell the rest of the story as the radio station next door tests the speakers on their mobile news truck? Well, read this, then go over and ask them to test their decibel levels somewhere nearer to Death Valley. [Phoenix City Ordinances]

Garage Sales: Unless you want to pay sales tax and move to a place zoned for commercial retail sales, don't have more than 3 garage sales a year. [Phoenix City Ordinances]

Graffiti: Initials, slogans, designs or drawings, written, spray-painted, etched or sketched or otherwise applied on a sidewalk, wall, building, fence, sign, or any other structure or surface without consent of the owner and visible from a public right-of-way. [Phoenix City Ordinances]

Historic Preservation: Some of the ordinances behind the City's Historic Preservation office guidelines. [Phoenix City Ordinances] Also see Preservation Philosophy, an excerpt from Historic Homes of Phoenix: An Architectural & Preservation Guide.

Irrigation Water: Whoa Pardner, people got serious about their irrigation water a long time ago. No longer a hanging offense, stealing it is still frowned upon. [Arizona Revised Statutes] [Phoenix City Ordinances]

Nuisance Abatement: Not enjoying your neighbor's criminal activity? There are ordinances concerning that very thing and which affect both residential and commercial property. [Arizona Revised Statutes]

Neighborhood Preservation Ordinance: Download 34 pages of the City's anti-blight laws (PDF: 185 kilobytes)

Jean Leon Gerome, Study of a Dog (detail), 1852
courtesy of Art Renewal Center
The Arizona Legislature Has Statutes Online
Their considerable database is accessible via a full text search and a handy subject index.
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Access the City of Phoenix Code of Ordinances On the Web
A place where you'll find encouragements to flora such as "Whenever the owners of a majority of the frontage abutting upon any street or part thereof shall make and file with the City Clerk a petition requesting that the City plant or care for and maintain the grass, shrubbery or trees in the space between the sidewalk and roadway on such street, the City Council may, under the provisions of this chapter and in the manner and with the effect provided in this chapter, order and direct that the City assume such planting, care and maintenance. . ." and much, much more. [Sec. 34-1]
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Can't remember how long you've owned your home?
The County Assessor's Website will give your computer a clue. Have your address handy.
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Building Permit Info on the Web
Check your building permit status with the City of Phoenix via your computer.
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Graffiti Busters
The City of Phoenix sponsors several programs to help prevent and remove graffiti.
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