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Medlock Place Neighborhood Association

Neighborhood Association Focus for 2008
President's Message

My name is Bruce Bilbrey. I want to wish you happy holidays and outline some thoughts for our neighborhood to focus on in 2008. My wife Ellen and I moved into the neighborhood at 215 W. Georgia in 1992 and have watched the Medlock area rebound from flight to the suburbs to being one of the most coveted areas in the city to own a home and raise a family.

We have a number of important items to focus on in 2008, issues critical for the preservation and safety of our neighborhood, and need all of the help and support we can gather to hold our ground on some issues, and gain ground on others. Some of the major agenda includes:

1) Monitoring and providing input on the city’s plan to review and revise the zoning overlay for the Camelback corridor and Central Avenue. A long line of developers and business interests are putting on a full court press to have much of our perimeter areas re-zoned for high density residential and retail developments. It is vital to our future that we stand our ground and insist the city abide by the current zoning provisions now in place. We are very fortunate to have Rick DeGraw monitoring the city agenda and representing the association’s position at zoning hearings and other critical meetings.

2) Crime and vandalism is an ever present threat to our area and we have an aggressive program in place to help insure the safety and beauty of our area. The association has been awarded various city grants to help fight crime and a new growing threat, graffiti. Ellen Bilbrey is administering the grants and is in charge of putting the programs into action.

3) Keeping a watchful eye on the rapid rail development and how it will ultimately impact our internal traffic and our perimeter development.

4) Historic preservation and zoning variance applications will be an increasing issue of concern for the neighborhood. The association has taken a firm stand with the City of Phoenix that historic zoning guidelines and laws should be strictly enforced when evaluating variance requests. Everyone in our district has the right to request variances and access the process that is available, and we ask for patience and civility from all as hearings and decisions are rendered.

5) Roof Rats are here to stay and abatement programs need to remain in full force. Please see the roof rat information for guides and ideas for ridding the rats from your property.

6) Open and transparent operation of your association. I pledge to make all proceedings and financial information available for review to all association members. We will begin posting our financial status and all meeting notes online beginning in January of 2008 and will always include a basic balance sheet report in our newsletters. I want all members to have complete trust and confidence in how your board operates and spends membership dollars.

7) Building our membership and attendance at our association meetings is a top priority for me. Please note our membership drive and contribute to your association, and more importantly come to the meetings and be a part of the decisions made. I WILL ASSURE YOU THAT THE MEETINGS WILL BE CIVIL, FAIR AND RELEVANT.

Please feel free to contact me at
brucebilbrey@cox.net or my home phone (432-8687) to discuss any concerns or ideas you have about our great neighborhood.